International Women’s Day 2014 SDSU

23 02 2014

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Back on the Journey Again

11 06 2012

Wasn’t planning on it, but here I am again, back on the Peace and Dignity Journey again.  I met the runners on May 22 in Lower Post, BC, right next to the Yukon, BC border.  Been running with them every day since.  Haven’t had reliable internet access since then, so haven’t posted much, but finally got a chance to write something, enjoy.

Update from Inland Route:  Sooooo many blessings since I last wrote.  He is a brief account.  We finished our stay in West Moberly and headed back towards Fort St. John and into Dawson Creek.  From there we headed to Sturgeon Lake and were greeted by the students with their great posters.  We collected water from this immense lake.  Many of the places that we have been visiting have lakes and rivers that they are next too.  Many tell us stories when they were kids and could fish or swim and drink the water and now all those water sources are polluted by oil and gas companies.  Honey Desjarlais arrived with her two sons and another friend.  We were so greatful to have her join us and help us through this region.  From Sturgeon Lake we ran over 100 miles to White Court and camped in the woods and ate wild moose meat that a family had hunted that morning.  We were also joined by Honey’s mother Cleo and Kerri Kerri-Anne Bear’s mom Julia.  It’s great having this aunties with us.  The next day was very heavy, due to some circumstances that we were not expecting.  When we arrived at Alexis Nakota Souix Nation we were greeted by the community who are the most Northern Sioux tribe.  It was such a beautiful ceremony and a sundancer helped us with our heaviness.  They presented a star blanket for our buffalo skull and we also received a staff and eagle feathers.  The singers sang beautiful songs for us.  This morning we went to the sacred waters of what Christians call “Lac St. Anne” and blessed the staffs and collected water.  We arrived today at Paul Band First Nation and again heard beautiful Nakota Sioux songs and tonight they will sing more and do a round dance for us.  Maybe some of us will share some danza mexica?  Thank all you back home for all of the love and support you are giving us.  It is all helping continue this amazing sacred journey.