Kumeyaay Documentary

25 05 2014

New documentary out about the Kumeyaay.  Good friend and mentor Stan Rodriguez speaking about the new documentary.  Looking forward to watching it.  It will air again on May 27 at 3:30am KPBS

05/27/14, 3:30 am KPBSHDMay
05/27/14, 3:30 am KPBSHD


21 01 2010

Enero Zapatista, San Diego 2010

28 12 2009

Political and Cultural Events Calendar for January celebrating the EZLN uprising in 1994.

Corn Planting Ceremony, Tecintli Calli

5 04 2009

On Thursday April 2,  a community came together to plant corn.  It was a beautiful gathering of students from San Diego City College along with invited community members.  We asked the creator to take of the land, corn and the people.  Stan Rodriguez offered his pray, Hector Villegas offered a

Urban Garden of Corns, Beans and Squash

Urban Garden of Corns, Beans and Squash

song, Calpulli Coyoxaqui offered the Danza and everyone planted a seed…!!  I can’t wait to plant some corn in my backyard.  I plan on doing this soon, so I’ll be organizing this with some other supporters.

check out this link to a slide show of pictures from that day