Peace & Dignity Staffs to Arrive in San Diego, Spiritual Run

1 03 2011
Dear San Diego Peace & Dignity Region-Communities & Families,
San Diego PDJ Region would like to update all of you about the welcoming of the Peace & Dignity Staffs coming to San Diego.
As most of you that have ever been involved with Peace and Dignity Journeys, are aware that the sacred staffs continue to do work in the communities throughout the years before the Continental Journeys begin every  four years.
Peace & Dignity San Diego Region will be the caretakers of the Peace & Dignity Staffs for at least a couple months starting in March 2011.
As they enter our communities we want to be sure to receive them with a warm welcoming as the Cahuilla Nation has shared this responsibility, the Cahuilla Nation- (the current caretakers of the staffs) will be bringing the Staffs to San Diego-Kumeyaay Land on Saturday- March 5th, 2011.
Cahuilla Nation will honor the Kumeyaay Nation as we share this responsibility to honor the Kumeyaay land and the ancestors of the land as they bring the Staffs to San Diego.
The staffs will be coming from Cahuilla and The Opening Circle will be at 11:00am in the  Centro Cultural de la Raza.
Kumeyaay nation receives the staffs before the running begins.
After our circle we will begin the spiritual run with the Staffs until we arrive at Chicano Park.
The closing circle will be held at Chicano Park.
Here is the list of the food that will be on the menu for the welcoming gathering after the running and closing circle is over.
-Cucumber Water
Food Items
-Buffalo Stew (Enough every one)
-Ceviche (Soy meat)

Things we still need, if you would like to bring.

Water Gallons
If there are any additional potluck food items or drinks that people can bring please email or call Joe or Sylvia to let them know what you can bring?
Joe Cell: 619.988.0675
Sylvia Lara: 619.988.0676
Thank You for supporting the PDJ Staffs,
-Gabriela Munoz Reza: 619.581.9004
other questions or concerns- please call any of these numbers or email us back
Thank You – tlazocamatli

Peace & Dignity Journeys 2012, Theme Chosen

7 07 2010

We are very excited to announce that after much discussion with input from North and South America a decision was made concerning the focus for the next Journey that will take place across the continent.

Below is the flier sent to me with more information, please feel free to pass it along to other people.