3 Day 90-Mile Spirit Run – Coming Back Home

10 01 2013

Phillip Espinoza is organizing this run to honor those that ran away from the Sherman Boarding School in Riverside, California.  It retraces the steps that Alfonso Soto took to return to his home and family.  Please join and support.  Contact Phillip for more information.



Physical preparation for run

14 03 2008

Howdy folks,

So i haven’t been back to my newly created blog since i created. i was thinking i would wait until i actually started the run before i returned, but i thought i should update folks on how it’s going so far.

Things have been great down here in San Diego. I’ve been reconnecting with a lot of my old friends from college that i haven’t seen in years. I have also been reconnecting with the Chicano and local Native community down here as well.

I have been doing some running around my neighborhood which has been good, except for the time this BIG HUGE PITBULL almost attacked me. It was crazy!!! i was just minding my own business and all of a sudden i hear the dog barking at me from nowhere. I stopped and turned around to yell at him to STOP THAT!! it actually worked. So i began walking away and he came at me again. This dance occured a couple more times. He finally left me alone. I so wanted to call animal control but i got too lazy and never called.

This week i took my dog Max with me to Chollas Lake. i use to go there with my friends when i was a kid. I ran around the lake a couple of times until Max got tired.

I also took my nephew Lil Eddie with me to go running around the San Diego Bay yesterday. That was nice. Did i mention how great the weather is here in San Diego?? oh man i could go running all year in this type of weather.

Plan to run tomorrow and get a longer distance in. trying to build up for those long days on the journey. I just found out today there is a stretch of run in San Diego that is 79 miles!!!!! hopefully we will have a lot of help so we can take a rest.

Much love to everyone. Headed to Oakland tomorrow for a Peace and Dignity statewide meeting and the art auction.art auction flyer san jose