Peace and Dignity Route for San Diego Region

22 08 2012





The 2012 Peace and Dignity Journey in the North Begins

30 04 2012

The 2012 Journey begins in the North


San Diego’s 1st PDJ Event for 2012

21 01 2012

Were excited to get this year started in a good way and just like last year we participated in the Enero Zapatista celebration were doing it again.  This year is different, in that this is the year that the journey takes place, 2012.

We will be showing some new films this year so come and join us.

San Diego, Peace & Dignity Journeys Meeting

11 05 2011
Hello everyone,
Just a reminder that the next Peace and Dignity Meeting will be this Thursday May 12th at the Indian Human Resource Center at 6:30 pm. 
Thank you to those who volunteered this weekend at the Pow Wow in Balboa Park.  I heard it went very well.  A few of us were also able to take the PDJ sacred staffs to the RedStone Sundance in Arizona, which was a very powerful ceremony.  We will debrief these events and discuss upcoming events, such as the PDJ gathering in Canada next month.
I hope to see you there!
– Joe Lara

Lake Merced Peace and Dignity Prayer Run

26 04 2011

Meeting in Lake Merced Parking Lot near Brotherhood Way, 303 Lake Merced Blvd, Daly City

Run (or walk) to build community, bring nations together, promote wellness and fundraise for the Peace and Dignity Journeys in 2012

Donations will support runners in their journey from Alaska to Panama, connecting indigenous communities across the Americas

Opening Ceremony 8am
Run starts 8:30am

Sponsored by: SF State Prevention Education Programs- The SAFE Place, Peace and Dignity Student Group, SKINS, Peace and Wellness Community at SF State, Good Samaritan Family Resource Center

Any questions please email:
Visit: our facebook or myspace accounts

About the run visit:

Last Months PDJ run in Orange County

23 02 2011

Sharing this video by Amber Stephens.  Video shows the Peace and Dignity Journeys run that took place on January 22, 2011 in Orange County.  To bring unity amongst the various communities in the area and to help raise awareness about the next journey that takes across the continent in 2012.  Thank Amber, Xua, Lupe and all those that made this run happen.

Interview with PDJ Runners Gaby and Oscar

6 12 2010

This is an interview done with Brad from Indy Media,  with Oscar Montalvo and Gabriela Reza in San Diego at the Farmers Market in East Side San Diego.

click image to go to audio interview with Gaby and Oscar