Pala Rez Pow Wow in August

21 07 2018

Here is flyer for Pala Pow Wow. click image to go to link with more info on Pala website. To learn more about the history of the people click here


Tonight & More…

27 02 2009

Tonight about eight of us will be going to visit the Coahuila Indian Reservation. It is about two hours northeast of San Diego. They were great host when we came though during the run. I can’t wait to see them tonight. Hopefully I will be able to take some pictures and post them here tonight.

San Diego Peace and Dignity Meeting

March 12 6pm

Indian Human Resource Center

4265 Fairmount Ave Ste 140
San Diego, CA 92105-6401
Phone: (619) 281-5964

Sweatlodge Ceremony

March 28

Pala Indian Rez