Pala Rez Pow Wow in August

21 07 2018

Here is flyer for Pala Pow Wow. click image to go to link with more info on Pala website. To learn more about the history of the people click here


Balboa Park Pow Wow 2017

13 05 2017


Idle No More – San Diego – Global Day of Action, Solidarity & Resurgence

10 01 2013

Come and support native people in Canada and across Turtle Island


Chief Tecumseh, Leader Against Western Capitalism

28 10 2011

A telling and pertinent quote by an important native leader, not only because he felt the only way to win was to unite all “Redman”, but for something we should all keep in mind.

“to unite in claiming a common and equal right in the land, as it was at first and should be yet; for it was never divided, but belongs to all for the use of each.  That no part has a right to sell, even to each other,…”

This was before Karl Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto in 1848.  Feels good to know that what I believe in goes back hundreds of years and to be indigenous is to be anti-capitalist and to fight for an end to private property.

From this belief against selling of land, Andrew Jackson, the greatest enemy against Indian people during this period would start a process that would effect us til this day.

“Jackson’s 1814 treaty with the Creeks started something new and important.  It granted Indians individual ownership of land, thus, splitting Indian from Indian, breaking up communal land holding, bribing some with land, leaving others out – introducing the competition and conniving that marked the spirit of Western capitalism (Howard Zinn, A People’s History of the United States, 127)

During another meeting with U.S. government officials Tecumseh refused to submit.  “Your father (the president) requests you take a chair”  Tecumseh replied “My father!  The sun is my father, and the earth is my mother…” (Zinn, 131)

Peace & Dignity Journeys 2012, Theme Chosen

7 07 2010

We are very excited to announce that after much discussion with input from North and South America a decision was made concerning the focus for the next Journey that will take place across the continent.

Below is the flier sent to me with more information, please feel free to pass it along to other people.

FIRST NATIONS UNITED statement on SB1070

3 05 2010

PRESS RELEASE*** April 26, 2010

“While the power of the Europeans has continued, I see the other part of the Ghost Dance prophecy coming true today. So-called ‘Hispanics,’ with faces that sure look like Indians to me, are returning to repopulate North America. We cannot always speak to each other because we have learned the languages of different colonial powers. But these Indians have as much right to come and go on our land as the geese when they migrate north and south. No one would dare to ask them for their passports and visas as they cross man made borders.

Instead of seeing ‘Hispanics’ as outsiders who do not belong here, we need to start seeing them as ancestors of the original inhabitants of these lands. They are the living fulfillment of the Ghost Dance prophecy.”

-Chief Billy Redwing Tayac, Piscataway Nation

First Nations United, an Indigenous organization largely made up of members of the Red Lake/Ojibwe and Dakota nations, would like to formally express its outrage and disagreement with the SB 1070 (“Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods”) Bill passed last week by the state of Arizona. This bill is extremely detrimental to the indigenous communities (including indigenous peoples of Latin American origin), which reside in the state of Arizona as well as those who live throughout the country. The language of the bill states that if there is “reasonable suspicion” that a person is an illegal immigrant, a “reasonable attempt shall be made, when practicable” to check for documents. Such language purposefully promotes the racial profiling of brown-skinned people, and in particular, of people of American indigenous background. As an indigenous organization, which stands for the civil and human rights of indigenous peoples throughout the continent, we are concerned that this bill will promote the unfair and discriminatory arrests, prosecution, and deportation of people of American indigenous descent-not only of those who belong to federally recognized tribes, but also of the hundreds of thousands of indigenous people who have migrated from South/Central America and Mexico to what is now called “the United States.” Indigenous peoples across the continent do not recognize the borders established by the settler colonialist state on our lands, and, we do not agree with the malicious and dehumanizing way in which the settler colonialist government wants to enforce them.

As an Indigenous organization, we recognize that indigenous peoples from Latin America have every right to migrate up and down the continent as they please and as they have done through trade and communication routes since time immemorial. The native peoples of the continent should be the ones establishing immigration laws and enforcing them. However, because we were disempowered through genocide and colonization, and because we have consistently treated “foreigners” in a more humane and hospitable way, we respect peoples’ rights to migrate. If we did enforce such power, only tribal identifications from throughout the continent (including documentation identifying peoples from Latin American indigenous ancestry) would be recognized as legitimate, and we could very well racially profile people of Caucasian descent as the true and eternal foreigners.

As the first peoples of this continent, we pose this question to Governor Brewer, Senator Russell Pearce, and law enforcement in the state of Arizona, “Who are you to check for documents?” We remind them that the power they have taken to legislate was established by an immigrant and illegal settler colonialist government, which has consistently relied on the genocide and mistreatment of the original peoples of this continent.
First Nations United greatly objects to SB 1070 and denounces Governor Brewer, Senator Pearce, and the State of Arizona as anti-Indigenous, cruel, and racist. We call for an Indigenous boycott of the State of Arizona until this bill is repealed or found unconstitutional as it will gravely violate the civil and human rights of indigenous people in the state and throughout the country.


First Nations United
All Saints Church
3044 Longfellow Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55407

Indigenous counted in census 2010..!!

5 01 2010

I usually stop by the Indian Human Resource Center in San Diego on Wednesdays to practice singing peyote songs with a few other native folks from San Diego and even a brother all the way from LA..!

I always take a look at all of the fliers that they have posted in the office and on the table.  Recently I have noticed they have some great posters for the Census 2010 encouraging Natives to check “Native Only”.  I’m guessing this is an effort to increase the count of native people in the U.S.?

I plan on picking “Native Only” because I identify more with being native then with “White”.  (hispanics are technically not a racial category, so you have to pick White and then your ethnic subcategory).  However, Native is considered a racial category (not confirmed, if anyone has more info on this let me know), so since I identify more with being Native than White that’s what I’m checking off this year.  Regardless if I’m part of a recognized tribe or not..!!  Technically, Chicanos/as are not a federally recognized tribe despite the efforts of Tupac Enrique and others at the United Nations.

I bring all of this up because a good friend of mine just sent me an interesting article on YahooNews pertaining to the indigenous people from Mexico that have steadily increased in numbers in the U.S.  Indigenous people have always migrated north, but more and more people have made their presence known by maintaining their ties to communities back home.  Transnationalism, is what academics call it, but basically it means that they create mini-communities in the U.S. that is made of people from their pueblos back home.  This has happened here in San Diego, mainly in Linda Vista where there is a significant community of Mayans from Oaxaca.

I’m glad to hear the Mixtecos, Mayas y other nations are making their voices heard by being counted as indigenous people.  Adelante..!!