Tar Sands and Keystone Pipeline Destruction to Mother Earth

30 03 2012

Been meaning to write about this struggle for some time now.  The Keystone pipeline has received lot’s of media attention and mainstream support from various sectors of U.S. working class.  Several celebrities have even jumped on the bandwagon, by participating in public disobedience or direct actions in Washington DC.  So I am definitely behind the curve here, but the more people are blogging about this issue the more communities will be informed.

These are huge topics that many have written about and the following is only a teaser.  I recommend people do more research to learn more details about these issues, but hopefully the following will get you started and interested in these important struggles.

Tar Sands – There is much to know about the Tar Sands, but simply put this is a massive process that destroys mother earth.  It takes place mainly in the Alberta province of Canada.  Basically it involves removing crude oil from the earth’s surface.  However, to remove that crude oil from the surface is a highly destructive process.  There are two methods that I’m aware of, depending on how deep the oil is.  The oil is mixed in with other elements, mainly soil or sand the process involves using other chemicals or natural gas to separate the oil from the soil, but one of the main elements used to separate the oil is WATER.  Millions of gallons of water are used a day to separate the oil.

When we think about efforts to conserve water, we should consider the amount of water corporations use to extract oil from the earth’s surface.  This water is also contaminated once it’s been used, but it goes back into the system and causes massive destruction to drinking water for people and animals.

Another element of the environment that is destroyed is mass amounts of forest that are clear-cut in order to get to the soil.  Again, this is highly destructive to the animals and ecosystem that in turn affects us.

For all intensive purposes, the Tar Sands oil extraction process is the worst thing corporations can be doing to the environment in Alberta, Canada.  We must remember why they are doing this.  The ultimate goal of companies involved in these projects is PROFIT and to maximize those profits at any and all cost, to the earth and human life.  There is nothing that would stop these jerks from continuing the destruction of mother earth as long as they keep making money off extracting and selling crude oil.

The Keystone Pipeline – Again, I won’t get into a lot of details with this either, but I recommend reading more about the issue.  This pipeline would basically transport the crude oil extracted from the Tar Sands to the Gulf-Coast of the United States.  This again is huge project and would involve digging a huge whole all the way from Alberta, Canada to Texas, USA.  Then putting piping in that hole to transport the oil.  The pipe would go beneath water ways, forest and other fragile environments, including crossing several Indian reservations in both countries.  All to allow the transport of crude oil in order to be sold and exported to other places in the world.  But ultimately, in order for these companies to make huge profits.

Capitalism is the system that allows both of these types of projects to exist and to be supported by the governments of both countries.  Imagen what we could do if we put that amount of resources and energy into building projects that would meet people’s needs.  The city of San Diego where I live can’t even build a damn shelter for the thousands of homeless people living on the street or pay for the number of teachers and counselors needed for students to get a quality education.  Only because it chooses not to, because there is no profit in it.

Join the Native communities from so-called “Canada” and the “United States” in standing up against these projects and all other projects that seek to maximize profits at the expense of mother earth and humanity.

Also, a reminder that the 2012 Peace and Dignity Journeys will be running in honor of the Water this year and we will be bringing light to these types of issues across Turtle Island.

For more details on both these projects I recommend Indigenous Environmental Network.  Here is a link to article on the Tar Sands and one on the Keystone XL Pipeline project

No Desecration for Corporate Profit! Protect Sacred Site in NorCal

2 06 2011

Big Oil At It Again, Pipeline Proposal in Canada

28 11 2010

This time in Canada, threatening to destroy a natural habitat for a very rare bear only found in one place on earth.

All for what? Oil…!! Do we really need to build another pipeline to get oil from the interior to the sea so giant oil tankers can carry it to other points?

Or are the only needs being met by this proposed project those of the Big Oil companies that will profit from this project?

End capitalist exploitation of our planet.  (click image below to go to story)

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Enero Zapatista, San Diego 2010

28 12 2009

Political and Cultural Events Calendar for January celebrating the EZLN uprising in 1994.

Your Heroes Our Enemies

5 12 2009

Some of you may have seen this printed on t-shirts like the one below, but may not have never understood what was meant by it.  I remember having a shirt like this in college and some white dude being all pissed off about it.  If he would learn U.S. History accurately, he would have understood. (so the shirt I owned, which has since gone out of print, said “Our Heroes, Your Enemies” and had pictures of Geronomino, Quanah Parker and other native leaders and on the back it said “Your Heroes Our Enemies” and had pictures of George Washington, Andrew Jackson, etc.)

Similiar to a shirt I owned

Many Native Nations and Black Slaves fought on the side of the British, because the British offered freedom to slaves who fought with them and because the Natives wanted to defeat those “Americans” that were after their land

The winners of this war against the British now turned all of their efforts towards the Natives who were blocking their progress of expanding their newly formed nation and empire.  Here is a quote from our first president and militarily leader:

“The gradual extension of our settlements will as certainly cause the savage as the wolf to retire; both being beasts of prey though they differ in shape” George Washington

This attitude would continue to this day as the U.S. seeks to gain control over resources in the middle east like in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Here are two other pieces that are important as we look to our past to guide our understanding of our present:

The prewar white population buildup, which had caused worsening economic conditions in many older communities along the coastal plain, was relieved as thousands of settlers spilled across the mountains after 1783, frequently in violation of treaties contracted by their own elected governments.  Aiding these frontiersmen, many of them war veterans were state and national governments that understood that the Western lands, once the native inhabitants had been driven away, were the new nations’s most valuable resource.” (Nash, 284)

“The white Americans’ revolution was fought in the East for release from the British Empire but was also fought in the West to create an empire of their own” (Nash, 285)

Nash, Gary. Red, White, and Black: The Peoples of Early North America.