Indigenous counted in census 2010..!!

5 01 2010

I usually stop by the Indian Human Resource Center in San Diego on Wednesdays to practice singing peyote songs with a few other native folks from San Diego and even a brother all the way from LA..!

I always take a look at all of the fliers that they have posted in the office and on the table.  Recently I have noticed they have some great posters for the Census 2010 encouraging Natives to check “Native Only”.  I’m guessing this is an effort to increase the count of native people in the U.S.?

I plan on picking “Native Only” because I identify more with being native then with “White”.  (hispanics are technically not a racial category, so you have to pick White and then your ethnic subcategory).  However, Native is considered a racial category (not confirmed, if anyone has more info on this let me know), so since I identify more with being Native than White that’s what I’m checking off this year.  Regardless if I’m part of a recognized tribe or not..!!  Technically, Chicanos/as are not a federally recognized tribe despite the efforts of Tupac Enrique and others at the United Nations.

I bring all of this up because a good friend of mine just sent me an interesting article on YahooNews pertaining to the indigenous people from Mexico that have steadily increased in numbers in the U.S.  Indigenous people have always migrated north, but more and more people have made their presence known by maintaining their ties to communities back home.  Transnationalism, is what academics call it, but basically it means that they create mini-communities in the U.S. that is made of people from their pueblos back home.  This has happened here in San Diego, mainly in Linda Vista where there is a significant community of Mayans from Oaxaca.

I’m glad to hear the Mixtecos, Mayas y other nations are making their voices heard by being counted as indigenous people.  Adelante..!!

PDJ runner, Winter Fox Frank on the Big Screen

8 11 2009

While doing research on cultural genocide for my Chicano Studies class at SD City College I came across this link to a new movie coming out in December.  I’m excited about the release of the film, but more excited by the fact that Peace and Dignity Runner, Winter Fox Frank is in the film.  This is his first film so I’m excited about seeing him on the big screen.

From Redding, California Winter Fox joined the Peace and Dignity Journey in Oregon, CA and stayed with the run until we reached the Mexican border in Nogales.  I met him when the two california routes joined in Arizona on the Tohono o Odam land.  I know the runners from the Central valley route built a close relationship with the brother and I’m sure they are very proud of him.

here are two clips one is an interview and the other a trailer for the film.

My First official post on my new blog!

4 03 2008

So this is my first official post on my newly created web log. I have never tried this before other than Myspace and felt it was important to document my journey. As a my good friend and mentor Macedonio once said “our history must be told” and I agree, so this is my attempt to act on that belief.

I’m getting an early start on this blog to get some practice.  I went for a short run yesterday around the ‘hood to try and prepare myself physically for this run.  I didn’t do any running today but plan to go early tomorrow.

one love