Another Year of Life Under Trump

4 12 2018

Going into 2019 is crazy to imagine. I can’t believe we have survived two years under a Trump presidency. Things are hectic here at the U.S. Mexico border especially at the Tijuana/San Ysidro crossing. We held a protest in support of the migrants from Honduras and other Central American countries.


Member of AIM Southern California leading the march for migrant rights at the U.S. Mexico border (Nov. 25, 2018). Image by @lsd_images on Instagram

There has been some backlash against people who live in Tijuana against the migrants due to the challenges that people have faced especially when Trump supports shutting down the border to bring the area to a screeching halt. People are taking out their frustrations on the migrants instead of the real culprit, which is the Trump administration and the Border Patrol.


Lopez Obrador participating in a ceremony to the four directions, creator and mother earth. (Dec. 1, 2018)

On the flip side there is hope in Mexico’s new president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. It was amazing to see the welcome he received by the native community in Mexico. It was a very symbolic gesture when he was given the Baston de Manda, which if you know anything about the native community, you know this is a huge deal. I know from carrying sacred staffs from Canada to Panama, that these are important gestures.

I was concerned about some of the development projects he mentioned during his speech, but hopefully these can be worked out between the two interest. I could write so much more about the last year, but unfortunately due to my work load this year, I haven’t had time to write at all, so I gotta get back to work, hope my followers are happy, but please leave a comment or send me a message if you want to discuss more, I will respond.

Pajaro Roja by Erick de Jesus, Mexico

21 01 2011

Thought I share this wonderful version of this song.  I met Erick while in Michoacan, Mexico.  He sang this song for us one evening.  I also have that footage somewhere in my files.

gracias Erick.

From Gaza to Oaxaca, End the Blockade of Indigenous People

9 06 2010

As some of you may have heard humanitarian activist attempting to deliver supplies to the Palestinian people were killed by the Israeli Military.  They attempted to deliver this relief aid by boat, since there is a blockade on the ground from all supplies entering and leaving Palestine.

The ANSWER Coalition has published a list of Ten Facts to combat the lies the mainstream media is saying about this attack.  These are just a few of those facts:

1. The Gaza Freedom Flotilla is an international aid project whose objective is to end the three-year-long Israeli blockade that has created a vast humanitarian crisis in Gaza, Palestine. It is made up of 750 individuals from more than 40 countries traveling on 7 ships and carrying 10,000 tons of relief supplies.

2. In the early morning hours of May 31, a coordinated naval and air attack by Israeli military forces killed 9 international aid activists and wounded as many as 50 others.

3. The main attack was on the lead ship, the Mavi Marmara, a Turkish ship carrying 600 people.

4. The attack was an act of piracy that took place in international waters in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, 40 miles off the coast of Gaza, in clear violation of international law.

On Friday June 4, in San Diego the Palestinian community along with it’s supporters protested near the Federal building to denounce this attack.

It has just come to my attention that a similar state attack on humanitarian activist occured in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico.

A autonomous indigenous community known as San Juan Copala is being blockaded by paramilitary groups supported by the Mexican government.  This paramilitary group is already responsible for killing several people including the recent murder of Timoteo Ramirez behind the indigenous autonomous movement of San Juan Copala.

On June 8th a caravan of activist attempted to deliver relief aid and break the blockade imposed by the paramilitary and were forced to turn around.  There is no update at this moment as to when the next attempt will be made to deliver the supplies.

For more on this story check out the blog posting on  Autonomia en San Juan Copala from  May 22 concerning the press conference that took place, it is translated into English.

The May 1st Coalition, here is San Diego is planning in action concerning these recent murders.  Please check back here for updates on these local actions.  You may also try our facebook page

Sacred Corn or Wild Grass, Teocintli

16 05 2010

Regardless of the origins, we know that this word has been used for thousands of years and is still used today to describe a wild grass know as “teosinte”.  Other than the fact that this word dates back thousands of years, what is more amazing is “In creating modern maize from this unpromising plant, Indians performed a feat so improbable that archaeologists and biologists have argued for decades over how it was achieved.” (Mann, p. 20, 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus)

To the Nahuas of Mexico, the word Teocintl means sacred corn.  Another writer describes where he thinks this term Teocintl may have it’s origins.

teocintli mural