Peace and Dignity Route for San Diego Region

22 08 2012





The 2012 Peace and Dignity Journey in the North Begins

30 04 2012

The 2012 Journey begins in the North


San Diego’s 1st PDJ Event for 2012

21 01 2012

Were excited to get this year started in a good way and just like last year we participated in the Enero Zapatista celebration were doing it again.  This year is different, in that this is the year that the journey takes place, 2012.

We will be showing some new films this year so come and join us.

Interview with PDJ Runners Gaby and Oscar

6 12 2010

This is an interview done with Brad from Indy Media,  with Oscar Montalvo and Gabriela Reza in San Diego at the Farmers Market in East Side San Diego.

click image to go to audio interview with Gaby and Oscar

Peace & Dignity Journeys 2012, Theme Chosen

7 07 2010

We are very excited to announce that after much discussion with input from North and South America a decision was made concerning the focus for the next Journey that will take place across the continent.

Below is the flier sent to me with more information, please feel free to pass it along to other people.

Peace & Dignity at Chicano Park Day 40th anniversary & New Shirts

22 04 2010

Sorry to all those out there looking for the latest updates.  Been really busy lately, but I got lots of good news.

This weekend Peace and Dignity Journeys here in San Diego has just printed new shirts for 2012..!!

We will have them at the 40th Anniversary of Chicano Park Day.  call me for more info. 408-219-8891

Cahuilla is organizing their unity run for the end of May, I should have flyers out for that soon also.  For now here is a shot of the new PDJ shirts.

more colors and kids sizes also available

Preparations for 2012

16 02 2009

On these rainy days of winter here in San Diego, not much to do, but reflect, a time to begin contemplation and preparation.  This is also the time when many cultures celebrate their new year.

Coming in March is the Mexica New Year and there will be celebrations in various places.  One that I frequented was in San Jose and their event is March 14-15 at NHU. (future blog will have a flyer).

While we are coming to this new year (10 house) in the Mexica Calendar, we are also aware of the Mayan calendar (see future blog) and the year 2012.  This is also the same year as the next P&D  Journey.

Today is February 16 2009 and the run is to begin in May of 2012, ONLY A LITTLE MORE THAN  THREE YEARS FROM NOW!!!

If any of you remember this years Journey and the amount of work that was put in, you know that every minute counts.

In preparation for this we are beginning talks on when and where we should meet.

Talks have begun about meeting in Mexico, Canada, U.S. and El Salvador.  The soonest one is a possible one year reunion to be held in May, the location is yet to be determined.

Here in San Diego, we have already visited people at Pala reservation and individually we have visited with other reservations.  We are also planning to meet with the Coahuila Reservation to do a presentation soon and possible organize a short run from the reservation.

PLEASE BEGIN TALKS IN YOUR COMMUNITIES ABOUT PREPARATIONS FOR THE YEAR 2012.  Another idea is to organize a run in your community to prepare the youth for the work that is to come.

native pride

native pride