Native American populations ‘hugely at risk’ to sex trafficking : Energy News

3 02 2015

Native American populations ‘hugely at risk’ to sex trafficking : Energy News.

To a New Year on the Gregorian Calendar

19 01 2015

Well folks, here we are another year on the Gregorian Calendar.  I say that because many folks don’t realize or forget that the calendar we use is based out of Europe and is Roman Catholic in nature.  However, many indigenous people had their own calendars including people in this hemisphere known to some of us as Turtle Island.  The Mexicas had their own system and for them their year begins in March, probably one of the more popular alternatives to Europe is the Chinese New Year that is also coming up but in February I believe.

To start the new year off right I thought I would share some new music I came across.  Enjoy.

Liberation Radio: Columbus Day unveils outrage over Indigenous genocide

13 10 2014

Liberation Radio: Columbus Day unveils outrage over Indigenous genocide.

Click link above to here interview about this issue.


Barona Pow Wow 2014

26 08 2014


New Kumeyaay Documentary “First People” on KPBS

21 07 2014

This is up for a limited time, I’m sure, so watch it, before it’s gone.  Here is a description from kpbs “The Kumeyaay Nation at one time lived throughout this region and is currently comprised of 13 reservations scattered across San Diego County and four in northern Baja California. The Kumeyaay people who live on and off these reservations share a heritage that goes back, in their words, “to the beginning of time.” This film explores some aspects of this resilient culture.”

Sycuan Pow Wow 25th Annual 2014 Sept. 5-7

1 07 2014

sycuan powwow 2014

Kumeyaay Documentary

25 05 2014

New documentary out about the Kumeyaay.  Good friend and mentor Stan Rodriguez speaking about the new documentary.  Looking forward to watching it.  It will air again on May 27 at 3:30am KPBS

05/27/14, 3:30 am KPBSHDMay
05/27/14, 3:30 am KPBSHD