As I have traveled this journey from Alaska, I have consistently stated that I am from the Chicano Nation.  Many people may not know what this is, especially in the Alaska, Canadian territories.  I thought it would be good for all my new friends in the north to know a little more about this community.

The term Chicano has a long history, one that began before 1848 when the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed between Mexico and the U.S.  It is a word based on the Nauhatl language.  The largest spoken native language in Mexico.

This word Chicano carried over all the way to recent time when in the 1960’s mostly Mexicans living in the U.S. decided to take this term and turn it into a word that would describe their identity as people who had transcended three attempts to colonize their people.  First by the Spaniards who invaded Anahuak(americas) then by the Mexican government and later by the U.S. government.

As a community who resisted colonization, Chicanos learned many lessons and continue to learn.  This is the biggest gift we have received after 500 years of attempted colonization.  This knowledge we try to share with others.  As ambassadors of resistance and cultural reclamation we know first hand what it means to come into contact with the dominant culture and maintaining your traditional culture.  We speak from experience when we say it is a delicate balance and a challenging one.  We continually push for the reclaiming of our culture and traditional ways.

As a proud Chicano, I have enjoyed meeting people from all of the indigenous communities from the Alaska, and Canada.

In conclusion, the most important thing for people to know is that Chicanos are indigenous people.  We are messengers from the south and come with good intentions.  We carry a message of unity, peace, dignity and hope for continuing the struggle for our culture and existence.

La Union Hace la Fuerza, (Unity makes Strength)

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9 07 2008
Polly Hyslop

Thank you for sharing your Chinano heritage. I am sorry to say that I did not know this information and I was still very ignorant of your history. I am now a little bit more knowledgable. I only wish now that our people were as diligent in keeping our language alive. Change is sad when I see how much has been given up for capitalism – the green. I don’t know what the balance is either.

11 12 2008

Como te va Abel Macias, Chicano…
me da gusto encontrr tu space….

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