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In May of 2008 I participated in the Peace and Dignity Journeys.  I ran with a small group of people from Eklutna Alaska to Panama City, Panama.  I created this blog back around April of 2008 to document that journey.

Since then I have returned back to San Diego, my home town.  I continue to use this space to document my journey in life.  The struggle continues, not just in the material world but in the spiritual as well.

I am a Chicano living in a capitalist society.  Surrounded by greed and oppression.  What I do to get by makes me alive.  I love life and those that struggle to make this world a better place.  To maintain my balance and sanity I celebrate life with the arts, ceremony and struggle.

Thank you for checking out my blog and reaching out.  Stay connected and we can all make this world a better place.  Your welcome to leave comments and I will respond or post them for others to see.

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20 05 2008
Polly Hyslop

Hi Abel – Hope you are still running. Everyday, I wish I had kept going but I still need to pay up my bills. Next time. Please keep your website going. We are going to Panama with you, though this website. All the best from NOrthway.

30 05 2008

Abel…… I am so blessed that you are a part of me! Your pride and strenghth have taught me so much!!! Keep up the good work and let me now if there is anything you need! Love you CUZZZZZN!

30 05 2008
Michelle Sankey

Hello from Hazelton Abel, Just wanted to say that you’re doing an excellent run and our prayers are with you and those that you’ve left at home, that they are safe. It was really great to have met you and know that you give us all inspiration. Carry on in strength and prayer, tell the others that we say hello and wish them all the best too.

12 06 2008
martha luna tu tia

amor, estoy muy orgullosa de ser tu tia,y madrina, tu eres una persona muy querida y especial, espero verte pronto y andar contigo en tu jornada ,te quiere tu tia martha enjoy life mi nino

13 06 2008

love you lil nephew. we support you and can’t wait to see you. I’ve fwd your page to la familia. keep that beautiful smile shinin’.

13 06 2008
martha luna tu tia

You make me proud all the time, love, your tia and madrina / enjoy your journey

18 06 2008

You are a strong hearted individual for participating in such a good cause. As you accomplish your ultimate goal, everyone will be EXTREMELY proud. Friends, family, aquaintances, associates, and anyone else who has genuinely appreciated you throughout your life, will acknowledge you. You will be acknowledged greatly for your dedication and effort to this peace and dignity journey.

24 07 2008
Ill Nana

mijo i just noticed the Volkswagon on ur website chido!

i am so happy for u and the sn diego love u received!

i miss u! can u tell?

uno love too,


1 08 2008

coyotewarrior, it was good to see you home in san diego , to visit with your family for just a short while. you have seen some great !! places and great! people i had a chance to meet them there great !!! i wish you and your runners much luck my prayers are with you and your runners. stay safe your sis

3 08 2008
Eddie. S

Hey Abel,
Hope your holding up, take your time. Glad to see there is a blog that we can sort of see your journey experiences All is well at home
peace bro

Eddie and family

4 08 2008
Alyce Johnson

Danch’e, Abel! It was great meeting your group in Lu’an Man Keyi – Kluane Country, and participating briefly on the run! The prayers in our languages keep us bound to our truths. Every step of the way weaves nations together and no distance nor boundaries exist in its dimension and spatial realms as well as the temporal dimensions. Best of luck, and am on my way to finish another degree in Ontario. The prayers of the group extend beyond the hardships and challenges of Indigenous lives! Keeping all of you in my prayers at Shar Ndu Chu: Duke River! aj

19 08 2008
Angelica Yanez

hey abel,
i wanted to send you blessings on your journey.

hot like the sun run
sweeter than sweat
beat down on the brow
good night kiss
the luna way
tell me the secrets of trees
and of fresh breeze
when there is nothing left
but to listen to the eternal silence
the echo in your minds eye
i free write
free flow
on life’s wave
run on treadmills
calling for a release
a return to land
because brothers and sisters are living the dream
once in awhile i might see you in a
midnight vision
like the condor or hawk or eagle
soar to your highest self
run like the sun
set and grounded like seeds
in good times i count deeds
to please
to remember
to breathe take a breath
i am only human

30 08 2008
Eddie. S

hey abel

is this really you? where in the hec are you? anyhow this is probably a rare opportunity to be able to under go this very distant journey and tribute and I tell everyone I can about this giant feat.

Please be careful we need you back home in one piece.

your bro
eddie/carolina and family

14 10 2008

I just learned about your whereabouts and of the journey you have embarked upon. I think that it is amazing and I wish you well. It’s been a long time and I look forward to hearing about the rest of your journey. Peace & Blessings.
Your amiga de SJSU,
Monica Dominguez-Ravelo

10 11 2008
Roselita, stellat'en sista

Eh, how you doing? hope everything is going good for you. I was looking at the slideshow and can u email me some pictures that i was in like the golden gate bridge , my family want a copy. Thanks

11 12 2008
Moisés C.D. Marcón Rosado


Tu convicción por ser un ejemplo es una muy loable encomienda que te ha llevado lejos –hasta a pies. Lo que haces inspira a mantener siempre en cuenta a los sacrificados, a esos que no cuentan con un sustento gubernamental pero igual subsisten y crecen culturalmente.
Gracias por llevarnos de la mano por tu tan ardua y bella travesía. Que las estrellas siempre te muestren el camino más la paz de Dios te acompañe siempre. Amén a tú valentía.

14 06 2009
Statimc Native Youth Movement

YOO!! Good looks on the sites…you are getting the good word out, makes me proud to see that. I hope this finds you well and string as well as your family and comrades. I am doing well up here, the gathering was amazing, and am still hearing good things and re connecting with people from it. We are already making plans for next year, wow!! glad to see you connected with Javid in Toronto..Keeping the circle of resistance strong. Keep up the good work. Can you email me so I can send you photos from the gathering, please. COOL, thanks. P & D 2012, yeah!!

8 09 2009

HI There! I am very impressed with your website. I actually came across you as I was looking up “sweat lodges in las vegas.” I am from Hawaii- very spiritual as well, however as I continue to live here in “sin city” i feel the purity start to fade.. I am looking for a sweat lodge close or in las vegas. Do you know of any? Do you do any down this way? Thanks for your time! Love and aloha, mel

11 09 2009

hola amigo abel macias, soy de san cristobal te conoci en el cideci cuando ivan en caravana , en un recorido por el rescate de las culturas ,, perdon xno averte escrito antes..
tu como estas, ya estas en casa en usa.. como te va por alla? te mando un abrazo amigo …
si te llega mi mensaje responde a mi correo..

3 10 2009

¡Que gusto saber de ti Abel!
The Peace and Dignity Journeys were such an inspiration to me that I will never forget! I carry you all in my heart and wish we could do another temascal! Sending you many blessings and strength for the runs ahead.

17 11 2009

que onda homes? keep me posted on your blog!

al rato!

20 05 2010
khaled s

pleased to meet such honorable perspectives & efforts.
rgs & keep in touch.

3 09 2010
Richard John Ramirez

I’m glad to see you have a blog. I will check it out from time to time to see where your heads at. You’re right about people in general not knowing about Socialism. Karl said he was not a politician. I believe it would be extremely difficult to promote true social reform while playing the role of a politician. Sometimes, in the course of political compromise the crux of the desired positive change is lost. Hence the outcome of the Health Care Bill. So many Americans are afraid of the Socialist concept, that when they hear the words Socialized Health Care for everyone, they run in fear. If knowledge be your weapon of choice, take careful aim.The opposing forces are using fear as a tactic, and people struck with fear will do anything to feel safe.

5 10 2010
Mato Ska

I am hunka, given the name Mato Ska at Fort Selden, NM in a ceremony sanctioned by the family of Cetan Ska Mapiya Tu, enrolled Wind River Shoshone in 1993. As a Peace and Dignity runner I participated in the ceremony in 1992 and carried the Family Staff in prayer from Philadelphia to Mexico City and in 1996 I carried the Staff of All Nations from Chickaloon, Alaska to Las Cruces, NM. Those who come forward to participate do so with the focus on prayer and the run connecting the peoples of the continents. We carry and maintain the main staff out of respect for the sacred items that have been given by the people with their prayers.

As a new generation has emerged within my family, I look forward to 2012 and open the doors of percpetion to my sons that they might carry on a good family tradition 20 years after my life was changed so dramatically in 1992. The focus of the run is water in 2012. I have worked for years focusing on water planning in Albuquerque and San Francisco as a Green. The water is life and brings us life. Mato Ska Shimi Chanpi Kasoonda: White Bear Fishes River Full of Life. This is the vision of the family elder who sanctioned my being made a relative and brought my name to me.

I have seen other runners since 1992, have journals from 1992 and 1996 and have met with Jose Malvido in Oakland to plan for 2012. As we approach the date our prayers should go to spirtual runners and sun dancers for strong ceremony. Bring the strongest and most positive youth forward to renew the run. Give thanks for the traditional ceremonies of the water as it dances in the sky, on the earth and beneath the ground. The canoe paddles of the people of the NorthWest and the purifications of the water by the peoples of the Pueblos all give honor the water.


15 08 2011

Tlakozocamti Abel for your efforts in standing up for the land and water!

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