Shout Out to the New Subscribers

18 01 2018

Welcome to the new year, 2018!

Wait, according to who?

Damn it, I thought I was just gonna give a shout out to my new followers and then I started thinking. I can’t turn it off, I’m always gonna be asking questions. So with that said, I do want to welcome my new followers and thank you for having an interest in my blog.

With that I encourage people to learn more about the calendar that we do use to keep track of time in this country and know that not everyone in the world uses this same system. For example the Chinese have their own calendar, but for business and commerce they follow the dominant system that the western world uses. A good starting place to start is Wikipedia and go from there: Gregorian Calendar.  Apparently it gets its name from Pope Gregory XIII and was introduced in 1582.

So did our ancestors have their own calendar? calendar aztec roundMost certainly and there is a great website that can tell you what today is and you can even go back in time and find out what your birthday is according to the Mexica calendar. (disclaimer, there is debate as to the accuracy of this calendar, so before you go getting a tattoo, do more research)

If we are to believe Today Jan. 18, 2018 is: 12 Jaguar or Mahtlactli-ome Ocelotl, in the month of 1 House or Ce Calli in the year 6 Rabbit or Chicuace Tochtli. On the Mayan Long Count calendar today is Calendar

Here is link to youtube video on how to count in Nahuatl

Here’s another video on how to pronounce Nahuatl language

By the way, this is not the Aztec Calendar or tonalpohualli. It was a tribute to the sun, but does contain the twenty day names that are on the calendar, so it is often confused and misnamed Aztec Calendar.

It is also not Mayan. MAYAN CALENDAR 4This is an image of Mayan symbols and language, but as you can tell, the Aztecs based their measure of time on the Mayan system and just adapted it to their culture and language.

I hope you enjoyed this small introduction to measuring time and learned a little bit about your culture, (if you are indigenous to Mexico or Central American) and thanks again for following my blog.



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