Anti-Trump Rally… Turns Media on its Head

27 05 2016

Based on the mainstream media coverage of today’s events it appears that all that went down today was a bunch of fighting, well here is another perspective to that narrative.  This is stage one in creating an independent media outlet for San Diego.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Rebel Reporter: Abel Macias

Today the working class came out in solidarity to show their opposition to Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump speaking in San Diego.

The actions held today were organized by several groups and organizations that all convened at the San Diego Convention Center where Trump was speaking.  The Party for Socialism and Liberation joined the action that was held at Chicano Park and was called by Union del Barrio.  This park has significance to the Chicana/o community of San Diego but also across the United States.  It was at this location that the same community came together to protest the construction of a Highway Patrol Station in 1970.

There were other actions happening as well, most notably one called for by Immigrant Women Rising Against Trump and Corporate Greed, that are janitors who are part of the Service Employees International Union SEIU.  They began their march in downtown on 7th and B street and ended at the Convention Center.  Their demands were for wages, health insurance, immigrant rights and protection against sexual assault and other abuses.

From Chicano Park, the marchers made their way down Harbor Drive toward the Convention Center.  The march was mostly made of Chicanas/os however the crowd was very diverse in many aspects including ethnicity, gender, ability and age.  The head of the march was led by Mexica Dancers and flags from all over South, Central and North America.

The people made their way to the convention center about a mile away leading very spirited and militant chants building momentum to confront the police barricade.

When arriving at the convention center the protest continued but was blocked from getting directly in front of the entrance to building.  This allowed Trump supporters to freely enter the building.  The protest continued for about two hours singing, dancing, chanting and engaging in peaceful demonstration.  There was one incident when a person attempted to instigate a confrontation in order to give police an excuse to attack people, but he was swiftly removed from the crowd where he warmly greeted by the police.  After a couple of hours many people began to leave.

After Trumps hate speech ended many of his supporters began to exit the building and were lead directly into the Trump protestors that had stayed behind.  It was at this point that things became more disruptive.  It was apparent there were many Trump supporters looking to start problems and became very confrontational toward protestors causing reactions and scuffles to break out with some people being arrested.  Eventually the police ordered all people to disperse and started grabbing people out of the crowds and arresting them.  It is unclear how many of those snatched by the police were Trump supporters.

It was very evident that the San Diego Police Department was there to protect the ruling class Donald Trump and allow him to share his neofascists rhetoric.  The thousands of dollars and resources that were used to protect this man and his message is indicative of the type of society we live in.  Where hate speech is protected and defended by the state.

The Convention Center could have denied the Trump organization a space to share his message.  The City of San Diego could have made a statement that Trump was not welcome here in our city, but instead it dedicated thousands of police officers in riot gear to protect him.  Those resources are paid for by the working class people of San Diego.

As a revolutionary I believe we should stand against racism and any attempts to divide the working class.  We must oppose his message and not allow him to speak anywhere in this country.  There is no room for racism, immigrant bashing, homophobia or anti-Muslim speech, regardless of the hypocrisy of so called freedom of speech in this capitalist country.



2 responses

28 05 2016

City citizens Class Action for rebate of our money used to deny our own Constitutional Rights!!!
Where was Mike Aguirre thru all this?!?

28 05 2016
Luis Gomez

Well written article, thank you Abel for sharing in detail what took place yesterday.

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