Peace & Dignity Organizers in Nicaragua Need Support

10 05 2011

Prayers going out to Maritza Centeno (Nicaragua) and Ulises Piche (El Salvador) who were attacked, beaten, and robbed by five guys at lake Managua.  Maritza and Ulises were making some offerings there when they were attacked.

This took place yesterday as they were preparing the Peace and Dignity run in Nicaragua. Although they are both ok, Maritza said that she has several cuts and lacerations due to them dragging her on the ground.

$300 was stolen from them…I want to find a way to reimburse them their monies lost… Let me know if you are interested to donate to them. I will probably send it via Western Union.

They are currently in the police station making a report on the incident  I asked Maritza if the attack had anything to do with the Peace and Dignity Journeys work  being done  in Nicaragua….She said, no.


Jose M.

Side Note: Maritza Centeno is on FB if you would like to send her a personal message of support.  Any financial contributions should be centralized and is being organized by Jose Malvido (North American Coordinator of Peace and Dignity Journeys).  Jose is also on FB.



One response

26 08 2011

My prayers go out to you and your organization. I wish you the best in your quest to make life better for the Nicaraguan people. May God watch over you and guide you in your journey.

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