Build it Higher

16 06 2010

As I read an article on immigration…I wonder…? In 1994 when they began Operation Gatekeeper and built this huge wall to stop people from crossing the border, what were they really thinking?

I mean, if for instance they had unlimited resources and were able to build a wall from san diego all the way to texas to divide mexico and the u.s., would they do it? and if it were successful at keeping mexicans and other latinos out of the country is that what they would really want?

If illegal immigration ended tomorrow, who would work all the jobs that they take? no one. they would have to raise the wages so “americans” would take those jobs. no one would work in the fields picking strawberries for the wages they pay and that is just the agricultural industry. what about all the other factories, restaurants, hotels etc that employ migrants?

so in reality, the u.s. is not interested in ending illegal immigration, it just needs to appear as if it is taking a tuff stance on “illegal aliens” a scapegoat to redirect peoples anger away from the real source of the problem,. . . . the ruling class.

so don’t believe the hype, that the u.s. wants to stop illegal immigration. it just uses that so angry working class people won’t focus on the real source of the problem, . . . capitalism.

I wrote the below poem inspired by these thoughts.

“Builder it Higher”

Builder it Higher is what they say

build it til it reaches the stars

build it til superman couldn’t leap it in a single bound.

but even the stars cant reach this height of racism.

They look down at us and cry

they laugh and wonder why

wonder why we would build walls to divide.

when the universe unites.

As the greatest star looks down and shines upon us

unrelentless in his devotion.

tonatuih, never missing a beat only skipping between seasons when we move furthest and not with our feet

but still this dedication does not waver

always returning with the same ferocity.

What do we really hope to accomplish by building walls from sea to sea?

is this manifest destiny?

how could it be?

how could it not be?

undoing the promise of democracy?

in reality, we did not end slavery.

when they came to set us free, they came to make us pay

pay for the freedom we seek.

but freedom cannot be bought

nor can we.

we must set ourselves free and aint no one stoppin us

but we

we are not the minority

believe you me

we are the majority.

but we see differences:



sexual preference


all of these keep us from seeing reality.

break down the walls

break down those walls that separate the you and the me.

let’s build unity

aint no differences, only appearances

the stars are laughing thinking when will see?

isn’t the sun bright enough?

aren’t the stars shining?

doesn’t the moon reflect the light?

so build your walls to separate what you see

but there can be no division between the peeps.

the super exploited will always come to relieve your needs.

your facade that seeks to blame will only lead to a disgraceful shame.

Disgrace will come when poor brown people overrun the scene

and make everyone see the class reality

they will help us see that we must unite to destroy the darknes, the division, the incision.

If you stop and listen

turn off the tv

sit quietly

you will hear them

a janitor knocking.

waiting for you to open the door and shake his hand.

a women putting your baby to sleep that is waiting to take a stand.

a mechanic to drive you to victory.

a housekeeper to clean the dust from your reality

a campesino to plant the seeds of freedom in the garden of the revolution

that is you

that is me.



One response

24 06 2010

luv it babe, awesome poem, it’s true and everyday i see the online tribune, so much hate for our peeps, always blame the mexi”can.”

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