Worker Killed At San Diego Border, For Trying To Escape Poverty

2 06 2010

How can someone be accused of entering a country illegally when they were forced to come here against their own will?

Then in the process of being deported are killed by U.S. Border patrol agents for trying to escape deportation.

U.S. imperialism and neo-colonialism has lead to the conditions that has created wide spread poverty in Mexico.  Mexican workers that attempt to escape those conditions by coming to look for work in the U.S. should not be penalized for seeking higher wages and better lives.  In reality they come to this country to be exploited by other U.S. corporations that have the same interest as multinational corporations that created the conditions that caused the poverty in Mexico in the first place.

Large corporations and the U.S. government are responsible for spreading poverty across this country and in Mexico.  Mexican and other migrant workers are responding to the conditions created by U.S. imperialism.  And then we have the audacity to criminalize them for wanting to make enough money to feed their families.

Here in the United States we demonize and blame poor people for standing in line to receive food stamps and other government assistance programs.  When in reality the ruling class and the government that works for them is responsible for creating the conditions which put them in poverty in the first place.  Why don’t we demonize large corporations like Wall Street banks when they get government handouts?

These corporations and the politicians that serve them are the real criminals.  That is whom we need to deport and charge with crimes against humanity.  How many crimes have immigrants committed against humanity?  Compare that with the criminal activity of BP, U.S. Border Patrol AgentsIsraeli military, and local SD Police?



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