The Pressure to do something Rises..!!

21 05 2010

Come and support native people of this land.  Indigenous people of Anahuak are being attacked by a racist system that suffers under capitalism.  As more and more jobs are taken from us due to U.S. Imperialism and it goal to maximize profits, we see more and more of the working class blaming each other for the economic crisis.  In Arizona and in many other areas indigenous people, people of brown skin are being blamed for this crisis.  Migrant workers are the super exploited in the country, either as sex slaves or sweatshops migrants have the least amount of rights under this broken system we call capitalism.

It is for this reason that we protest.  We use our voices and our bodies, to say “ya basta” no more!! to the inhumane treatment of all workers, especially the most exploited of our sector.

In San Diego a coalition of progressive organizations has come together to support the brown skinned people of Arizona and across the globe.

join our caravan or one in your region to descend on Arizona and shut it down.



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