Our Culture Is Not For Sale – 5 de Mayo

5 05 2010

As many of you already know today is May 5, but what some may not realize is that today is also the day tin 1862 that a smaller Mexican Army was able to defeat the larger French Army under the rule of Emperor Napoleon III.  A very strong army at the time the French had not been defeated in battle for 50 years.

At this time Benito Juarez (A Zapotec Native) and the only native president of Mexico sent General Zaragoza to defend the country.  Zaragoza was able to negotiate a settlement for the money that it owed to the U.S. and Spain, however Napoleon wanted more then collecting it’s debt, it wanted Mexico also.

Well General Zaragoza defeated the French at the battle of Puebla, but later lost to the French, until the U.S. came after it’s own civil war and helped defeat the French and expel them from Mexico.

So why all the hype?  Well the alcohol and other industries will use any opportunity to sell their products.  For this reason, in San Diego we decided to sponsor the Cinco de Mayo Con Orgullo Para La Puebla event in National City.  It is a free event with no alcohol sponsorship.  It is for the family and there is live music and even a car show..!  some come and check it out.

Saturday May 8 at 11am at Kimball park in National City



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