Los Suns, Putting It Down For La Raza

5 05 2010

check out what the suns did in support of immigrants in arizona or as they put in opposition to the new law SB1070.  Just click Los Suns to see  some interviews and click Adelante to read the story.

What a great way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo..!!! I wonder where I can get one of these jerseys?

Oh and I can’t forget about the home favorite Adrian Gonzalez, here is what I lifted, from another blog “Two-time All Star Adrian Gonzalez, one of the biggest names in baseball, has said that he will not play in 2011’s All Star game as long as SB1070 is in effect. Since then more and more MLB players have come out against SB1070, calling it “racist stuff,” “immoral” and a violation of human rights. Actions include signing a petition to the MLB Commissions Selig asking him to boycott Arizona!”

And if you are really interested in this overall topic check out this interview with Dave Zirin, author of “What’s My Name Fool?: Sports and Resistance”



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