Mexicans and Chicanos….Indigenous?

4 03 2010

There should be no question, however many people from the Mexican and Chicano community often question whether they have native blood.  In Mexico and in Mexican communities in the U.S. there is a dicho (saying) that goes something like “tienes un nopal en la frente” or in English “you have a cactus on your forehead”.  Not literally of course, but figuratively speaking, it means that you look so indian that you have a freakin’ cactus growing out of your forehead.  The cactus being a symbol for native identity and culture.  So if your homie Jose is acting like he isn’t Mexican because he is embarrassed in front of his White friends/coworkers/girlfriend, then tell that fool “tienes un nopal en la frente pendejo..!

Really though, Mexicans and Chicanos are the descendants of indigenous people of this hemisphere, we sure ain’t the descendants of Caucasians as the  government wants to think and wants you to think.  We are indigenous, get over it, so why do so many people deny this fact?  Even indigenous people will tell us we’re not brothers and sisters, preferring to refer to us as cousins or just gabachos.  I know all of this because it has been my experience.

This is simply not the case, we are descendants of the great native nations of Mexico and believe me there are lots of nations in Mexico.  So this year when I fill out my census form I am checking the box that says native.  I am more native then I am caucasian, that’s for sure.  But don’t take my word for it check out this article that Roberto Rodriguez wrote for New American Media to learn more.  Also see the earlier post on my blog on the census counting native people



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2 07 2013

Is Mexico the only country that still has a strong Native American presence and culture? I’ve been reading 1941 by Charles Mann and have only come across Mexican sites that promote a revitalization of indigenous culture. I’m not Mexican or anything, just a history buff that thinks this whole revitalization process really interesting. Sort of like a renaissance for Native Americans. Keep up the good blogs 😀

4 10 2013

Actually no, Mexico is one of many countries that still have a strong Native presence. But the question is relative, depending on how you define “strong native presence” and how that is measured. But in general based on my travels and presence in the U.S. we also have a very strong native presence. Mostly present on the indian reservation, but more and more native culture is crossing over into the mainstream or urban centers.

15 06 2018
Victor cervantes

This is dumb, if you are saying that spanish is what a brown Mexican should be speaking you are completely wrong and ignorant. Spanish is European language not Mexican. If you are gonna go off my skin color which is brown. When you tell me that I have to speak spanish because I am brown, to me you are portraying white supremacy. Let’s not forget that Spaniard killed raped and forced their language on us brown Mexicans. Gets your facts rights. To this day white Mexicans of European descent continue to keep indigenous communities poor and uneducated.

30 10 2018

I never said Mexicans regardless of color should be speaking Spanish. I’m saying if a person of Mexican descent is denying their native blood and are dark as hell, they need to be told in any language you prefer that they are in denial of their native roots.

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