Viva Boriqua!!! The Taino brothers and sisters organizing on the islands.

27 02 2010

Relatives and friends of Kindred spirit you are invited to participate in the

Peace and Dignity Run Boriken 2010 on the Road to 2012

Boriken 2010 is an action of love and respect; it is a spiritual journey that will bring our Caribbean Indigenous nations into the fold of the Indigenous Nations of Abya Yala already part of the Peace and Dignity Journey

This adheres to the fulfillment of the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor…

The spirit of the Hawk joins the circle and the running staffs we carry will represent the prayers, the hopes and dreams of our people. The circle is not complete without us as we were the first Indigenous nation to suffer in the greatest holocaust in history.

100 years before the Mayflower landed on Plymouth Rock, our people were already suffering the genocide of the conquest.
A conquest that took the lives of millions upon millions of the indigenous peoples of Abya Yala.
Thru time our courage, our spirituality , respect and love for our earth mother and humanity would help us survive.

Boriken 2010 is a journey of spiritual unification with the ancestors and all of our relatives.
Boriken 2010 will help us prepare for the 2012 Peace and Dignity Journey across
Abya Yala .Our staff will join the staffs of all the nations of Turtle Island for we are one people
The original people of these lands.
This is the first Peace and Dignity run in Boriken.
Our people will run from all four directions of the Island to the center. Runners from other native nations will join us. We will introduce our staffs into the circle and these staffs will be carried in the Peace and Dignity journey of Abya Yala in 2012.

From each corner of our Island homeland, warriors will run to the center stopping to pray at sacred sites along the way. There will be a calling down of the ancestral spirits, a calling out to the Boa, the Manatee, the Coquis, the Karey the Tanamas, the Kolibri the Guaraguau, the iguana and every single animal and or insect totem of our people.

From the East, the West the North the South to the center. To the heart of our island to our Nacan
We will bring our staffs and our relatives will bring their staffs and their prayers. We will enter the sacred grounds of our people, the grounds where the ancestor sleep, here our elders and our medicine people will be waiting for us along with the elders and medicine people of other relative nations Here we will pray For earth mother’s well being. We will pray for our beloved Boriken and for all of our homelands.

Thru the centuries of conquest, we have suffered much. We have lost a lot. We have learned much
Yet here we are over 500 years later standing strong and fighting back. We have much to share and much yet to learn and relearn. The time is now to walk again in the wisdom of the tree of life alongside all of our relatives on the Red Road.

We will awaken the memory of our DNA and pray for the healing of our hearts for we carry the pain of the ancestors in our souls. We will pray for the spirits of our ancestors, we will pray for the respect and return of all “That” is sacred to our people
We will pray for peace and harmony among ALL humankind and all life born of earth mother’s womb.

We will pray together, we will burn tabanuco, copal sage and sweet grass together.
We will send our prayers and good thoughts on the wings of the Eagle and the Condor into the winds of the four directions.
Boriken 2010 on the road to 2012 is a spiritual journey of peace, love, goodwill and understanding among our people and all of our relatives.

Our elders in Boriken have given this run their Blessing Our Mexica relatives are on Board Our Mohawk relatives and Cherokee and other relatives are on Board …

We the Taino will Welcome our relatives to our homelands
With open hearts and respect we will honor the Red Road
Boriken 2010 on the road to 2012
From July 17, 2010 – Sunday July 25, 2010.
Location Boriken

Fund raising efforts will include Logo contest
The winning design will be used on our event T-shirts and postings
A prize of one airline ticket to Boriken 2010 will be awarded artist of winning design
This contest kicks off on now Dec 2009 and ends Sunday March 7, 2010,
All submissions must be in by then.
Send your ideas and designs to
Bohio Atabei 2805 University Avenue Bronx 10468. C/O of KHNIA
Or email

Posted by Taino Women’s Bohio de Atabex



One response

6 11 2010
Agustine Mauras

Hy I am Taino descent,my way is a natural way of living I am a Native American,who plays the drumbs alone,sings to the Great Creator,and spends much time with my Mother,the tree’s are special to me,the community,the natural medicine,it’s all beauty in my life.I am very interested in being part of a good circle,i am having a new born soon to be,I want him involved in this good circle,my wife is also taino and believes.Take care.Please e mail me.

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