Palestine, Struggle for Liberation

11 12 2009



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12 01 2013
Christian Eddleman (believe it or not, I am NOT a Christian, it's just my name

I just have a question. I am not well enough informed to pretend to have any comments worth considering. My question, which may sound naive, is simpky this: Given that Shiite Sunni muslims recognize the same god, how do both groups justify killing each other? This is very difficult for a westerner to grasp. It is true that similar things have taken place within the Christian communities, but I would pose the same question to Protestants and Catholics – but I hope muslims will not use the moronic behaviour of Christians to justify their behavior. What is the answer to my question?

4 10 2013

First off the struggle for Palestinian liberation has nothing to do with a conflict between Muslims. It is a political struggle to maintain one’s land. The struggle is between the Israeli state and the Palestinian people.
As far as the Sunni and Shiite killing, that is one I cannot answer, for several reasons, one I know very little about these two sects of Islam.
The information about these two groups is very political. The western media would have us believing that they are killing each other for no good reason. But in reality many of the killings are probably politically motivated. Many times it is reported as a religious battle, similar to what happens with the Israeli occupation of Palestine. A Jewish versus Muslim conflict, which is not the case. I recommend reading more on Islam and the various sects of Islam, but also focus more on the regional politics and the interest that people are killing for.

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