Tipi Meeting

26 11 2009

They day after we celebrate this fake holiday, better known to the U.S. as “Thanksgiving”.  If you were to take my chicano studies class at sd city college you would learn the truth about U.S. History and what really happened during the encounter between native and english colonist.

First of all many of the first settlements founded by the english colonists were actually business ventures.  Wealthy English Europeans invested their money in exploratory ventures into northeastern U.S. Coast.  This was an effort to duplicate what the Spanish and other Europeans in the Americas had already did.

Their business venture failed and English colonists who were hired to explore the coast and settle were a huge failure.  If it was not for native people who felt sorry for these english colonists who had resulted to cannabilism just to stay alive, they would have all died.

The Native people led by Powhaten leader of the Naraggansett people decided to bring them the local food which they had in abundance.  In exchange for their hospility the “pilgrims” as they became known would GIVE THANKS by attacking and killing the Naragansetts.

Well, outside of all that history that we are lied to about, I must forgive and move on.

Today as indigenous people we are working to reclaim our traditions, customs, ceremonies and much more.  One of those ceremonies where we are reclaiming our traditional medicine is the peyote ceremony.

Tomorrow I will participate in my first ever ceremony.  I am very excited and nervous about this ceremony.  For many years I told myself I would never use the peyote, because I felt that it had been abused and disrespected.  However, in the last, I have gotten closer to the ceremony and the medicine.  I finally accepted the medicine and look forward to sharing this experience with someone special.  Some other folks I know may also be there.

I might write about it on Sunday when I get back stay tuned.



One response

13 08 2010

As part of several indigenous movements, I want to acknowledge the beautiful message behind this picture with the birds and the several playing instruments and the eagle with a sacred staff in its hand. Thank you for posting it.
Como parte de varios movimientos indigenas, quiero reconocer el hermoso mensaje expresado en esta pintura con los pajaros, los instrumentos y el aguila con el baston sagrado. Gracias por publicarlo.

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