Chiapas to Izalco, El Salvador

15 10 2009

I’m playing catch up right now as you can see.  So here are the places that I’ve was:

Comitan de Dominguez, Oct 7-8

Huetuetenango, Guatemala Oct 9

San Miguel Uspantan Oct 10

El Quiche, Guatemala Oct 10

Coban Libertad Oct 11

Tikal Oct 12

Nahuizalco, El Salvador Oct 15

From the Zapatista community in Morelia we hit the road towards the border and stayed the night in Comitan de Dominguez.  It was a nice school that we stayed in.  After crossing the border into Guatemala, we had no where to stay.  Luckily these people that saw us running down the road offered to find us a place to stay.  We ended up at a Fire Department and slept in a big hall they had there.

Snap, I just remembered from here we had to split the group up, because one of the vans broke down and needed to stay back and get repairs.  This is where Justin got a gun pulled out on him and they wanted his staff.  Somehow he got out of it without speaking any spanish!

We ended up in some small town with no where to stay and we had no idea where the other runners were at.  It was raining all night that night.  Finally Jose and the rest of the crew showed up and we got to stay in a motel.

From there we made it to Coban, where we stayed with an indigenous rights group.  There was really no where for us to sleep, so we had to cram in on this little piece of concrete that was covered from the rain.  My tent decided to fall apart that night, but it worked good enough to keep all the bugs out.

The next day we went to Tikal and I almost lost my passport!  Luckily someone found my bag back at the center and brought it to me at Tikal.  That day we joined with hundreds of others for Indigenous Peoples Day and practiced ceremony.  This was a great day.

The next day we made our way back to the city.  Again we didn’t have a place to sleep that night, but luckily these people saw us a stop light and decided to let us stay at there house.  It was crazy, they didn’t even know who we were and they let like 15 people stay at their house.

The next day we went back to Coban and stayed at some kind of halfway house for recovery addicts, I think?  I was so tired I just wanted to sleep.

From there we hit our next border, which always sucked.  Crossing borders was the biggest hassle and not having proper paper work didn’t help, but we made it across.

We were held up for so long at the border that we were not able to make it to our destination.  We ran to Nahuizalco, but drove to Izalco to sleep (Oct 16).

Tomorrow my story continues on our crazy trip across El Salvador.



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4 01 2014

beautiful photos, thanks for sharing 🙂

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