Oventic, Chiapas, Zapatista Caracol 2

6 10 2009

We left Acteal on our way to Oventic, Zapatista Caracol numero dos.  Before leaving we were presented with a very sacred item from the community at Acteal.  We added the item to the bundle of staffs that we will be carrying with us on our journey to Panama.  From there the item that is now a sacred staff will travel in a bundle to Alaska in 2012.  This staff will then travel North America all the way back to Chiapas to be returned to it’s home.  Along the way it will the carry the message of the people from Acteal and the massacre that occurred there due to the violent Mexican Army.

The community traveled with us in the back of a truck they obtained to join us in our journey down the mountain road that took us to Oventic.  It was great seeing the people carry the sacred staffs down the mountain roads with us on our journey.

Sign posted on road to Caracol

Sign posted on road to Caracol

Once arriving at Oventic, we waited for the council to grant us permission to enter for the evening.  Once allowing us to enter we all gathered up and handed the sacred staff over to the Zapatistas who carried them into the community and into the big cabin they have built for the gatherings.

Mujeres with Staff from Mayan community

Mujeres with Staff from Mayan community

Once inside we listened to the Women Zapatista who was in charge read off their letter of solidarity and support of the Peace and Dignity Journey.


Comandante Ernesto Che Guevarra, Hero for the oppressed!!

After we hung out for awhile and checked out all of the cool murals painted on the buildings there.DSC01382

Welcoming committee

Welcoming committee



One response

10 10 2009

Hi there!

It’s a very interesting project that you’re running.

Be the carriers of the message for fighting for justice and dignity in Mexico, the Mexico of “abajo y a la izquierda”.

Let’s keep us in contact.

Buena mano!



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