Tuxtla, Chiapas

1 10 2009

So we finally made it to the famous state of Chiapas.  Famous because anyone who knows anything about revolutionary movements has heard about the Zapatista uprising that took place in 1994.  Well first off, when you arrive in the state of Chiapas you probably arrive by plane or bus, so you don’t get a chance to enjoy the scenery as much.

The road to Chiapas was nuts!  It was so foggy and steep.  I could not see the hood of the van as I drove up a very steep hill.  The first place we arrived was the town of Tuxtla.

This is not what I imagined.  Tuxtla is basically like other cities in Mexico.  There is a main strip and they plenty of U.S. European and Asian based companies selling their products at fancy stores.

The town is very clean and modern.  I almost felt like I was in a smaller version of Guadalajara.

We arrived through the streets and carried the staffs toward the main plaza in Tuxtla.  It was really weird and awkard, every one was staring at us and I felt really out of place.  It was like we were being stared at because we were Indian, which I could understand in other metropolitan areas of the country, but here in Chiapas!?  So I ignored it as best as I could and just wanted to put the staffs down so we could leave this place.  There was really no one there to receive us.  So we were really there as just visitors.  I believe we had one or two contacts and we all went to there house after and ate a great dinner and slept in their nice house.

Something very strange happened that night, that I won’t mention here, but we are still in search of some answers to what happened that night.




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