Some Troubles in Juchitan de Zaragoza, Oaxaca

29 09 2009

Things were  a bit hectic here.  I don’t remember the running for that day, but I remember us arriving in this area and not really having any contacts.  Luckily one of the runners had some contacts with some of the teachers that had participated in the teacher uprising in Oaxaca earlier that year.

They were able to find us a place to sleep.  It was a church in the middle of town.  When we arrived, it turns out the battery died on the Chenan Van, so me and Pablo had to go look for one.  Whoever could pitch in helped out to buy a new battery that was $100.00

I missed the food that we had that night so I went to the plaza and picked up some food.  It was kinda late but couldn’t really sleep, so I just chilled.

I eventually went to sleep on the floor with everyone else.  The next morning I got up and for some reason I decided to walk to the corner.  It was there that I found one of the runner’s bag.  It turns out that night he slept in the van and left the door open.  Someone walked by and snatched his bag while he was sleeping.  The sucky part is that he had his passport in there.  All I found was his bag and some other things, but no passport.

That was the beginning of worse things to happen that I won’t mention here, but let’s just say we were in for a big surprise when we arrived in Chiapas.

Juchitan de Zaragoza

Juchitan de Zaragoza



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