Running in the Spirit World

30 08 2009

Just wanted to give people a heads up about next week.  I will be out of town next weekend attending the second Peace and Dignity Journeys California Gathering.  This one is being held north of here in a place called Indian Canyon, near Hollister, Ca.  We plan to focus more on planning versus gathering and ceremony.  It is good to know that people feel the need to begin organizing so early for the next run.  This is not something that we are forcing people to do, It is coming from the community itself.  All of this is very important for the forthcoming run, due to the importance of the time we are facing.  Mayan prophecies are being proven true and if this is the case than we must begin our preparation yesterday.

Our spiritual work is vital to surviving the future that awaits us.  We must build a stronger connection to the ancestors and our ancestral knowledge.  Running is a part of all of this.  Running is an ancient practice for our people.  It brings back memories and stirs up energy within our bodies that has been dormant.  It causes us to think and if you are conscience of your thoughts you can direct them to focus on something in life that requires healing or clarity.

This all brings me to next week, when I will be out of town.  I usually run every Sunday at 8am, and I invite everyone to show up at the Centro Cultural de la Raza at 7:30am and then we circle up and acknowledge the 7 directions and begin our run.

So I ask that those that are interested to please show up and run without me.  I will be asking other PDJ family to commit to being there to lead the group.  If this is the case I will be posting who that is this week by Thursday.

Today’s run was great.  i had one person join me, but what was really cool was seeing Emoat and Estella (forgot her new name) who were near by for the Earth Center classes.  Hadn’t seen Emoat for awhile so that was cool.  Estela are planning on taking a trip to go visit the Cucapa community in October and I will post more info on this as well.

To all those out there who read my blog, gracias, Tlazocamtli.



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