The Struggle Continues from SD to BC

16 08 2009

I challenged myself and others this morning to begin another step towards a better life.  We ran for those that can’t run and for all the elements and all our relations.

I invited others to join me in a short run around Balboa Park here in San Diego.  I wasn’t sure who would show up since I hadn’t made any phone calls and only used the internet to spread the word.

It turns out a good brother and teacher from a south bay middle school showed up to carry the torch with me.  It turns out, there was a sponsored half-marathon going on at the same time.

We ignored the thousands of runners that ran through the park with numbers pinned to their shirts.  We chose Black Bandanas as our symbol for running.  I’m looking forward to next week and another good run.

I thought I would also post this symbol for the brothers and sisters up in so called British Colombia.  Check out their website to learn more about their efforts to stop the Olympics from taken place on Native Land and protecting mother earth.

click on image to go to there website

click on image to go to there website



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