Mapuche Native Murdered by Chilean Police

13 08 2009

I am forwarding this message from the Woman’s Coordinating Committee Canada-Chile.

***Please Forward Wideley***

URGENT! Mapuche Youth Murdered by Chilean National Police in Malleco Wednesday, August 12, 2009 News in Development….. 24 year-old Mapuche community member, José Facundo Mendoza Collío, died this afternoon, after a group of families belonging to the Requén Pillán Community of the Ercilla area, occupied the San Sebastián estate located 12 kilometres west of Collipulli, township of Angol. According to the information stated by Radio Bio Bio, the projectile had entered through his ribs, in a skirmish during a weapons seizure. There is also information that a police officer had been injured by pellets on his face. The Military Prosecutor and Chief Prosecutor of Collipulli are directing themselves to the site of the incident to begin the investigation.

Agrupacion Mapuche Kilapan Distributed By:

The Women’s Coordinating Committee Chile-Canada Email:



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