Pre-Hispanic Music at World Beat Tonight

26 07 2009

Q-Vole beautiful People,

Just a reminder for all those that are up to nothing tonight come and experience this rare opportunity, I am honored to be the MC for this event:

press release:

WorldBeat Cultural Center presents

Pre-Hispanic Dance &

Featuring: Xavier Quijas

Date: Sunday, July 26th 2009
Time: 06:30PM
Cost: $ 5.00

Venue: WorldBeat Cultural Center

2100 Park Blvd. San Diego 92101

Balboa Park

More Info: 619-230-1190

Presenter Website:

Press ContactIsabela Raygoza 619-230-1190

WorldBeat Center presents Pre-Hispanic Dance & Music! A celebration of Xavier Quijas Yxayotl’s return to Mexico after 25 years!

Xavier Quijas Yxayotl brings native culture performances of ancestral music from the Maya, Aztec, Tarahumara, Tepehuane, Yaqui, and other indigenous pre-Hispanic peoples of Meso-America. Traditional music of ancient Mexico, Aztec dance performances, Mayan rhythms: ANCIENT MUSIC FOR A NEW GENERATION. is of Huichol heritage.

In 1977 during a peyote ceremony, Don Jose Matsuwa, an old Shaman from the Huichol tribe (same as his heritage), gave him the name of Yxayotle, meaning tear in Nahuatl. He was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. During the 1970’s, he started playing pre-Columbian music; the music that was prohibited for 300 years due to its intensity and deep spiritual impact it had on the people of those times. He traveled to the mountains of Jalisco and Nayarit, Mexico to live with the Huicholes and Tepehuanes. He learned their way of life. He also learned the craft of handmade instruments, such as making Mayan and Aztec drums and flutes, Tarahumara drums, turtle shells, rain sticks, among many others. With the experience and knowledge he acquired, he became one of a few Mexican artists who are able to construct with their own hands instruments identical to the instruments used by the prehispanic peoples.

In 1985, Yxayotl formed a group in Los Angeles called America Indigena, Indigenous America. The group is composed of people who share similar musical sentiments as Yxayotl. During concerts and ceremonies, they interpreted the authentic music of the Mayans, Aztecs, Tarahumaras, Yaquis, Tepehuanes and Huicholes singing in Tarahumara, Huichol, and Nahuatl languages. Xavier is also a painter and is known for his “Surreal-Mystic of Sacred Spirit” paintings.

WorldBeat Center continues bringing dance and music from all cultures, all tribes, and all races into the community. This Pre-Hispanic dance and music celebration is to bringing awareness about the sacred traditions of the ancestors while bridging the dance and musical roots of the indigenous towards the modern and new generation of today.




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