InterTribal Youth Camp..!!

3 07 2009

One People Many Nations

I chose to be a part of a 9 day summer camp for native youth from June 29-July 5.  The camp is challenging for sure.  We have youth from various parts of the U.S. and even one from Panama, specifically from the Kuna Yala Nation.

We started last Saturday and so far we have gone surfing, kayaking, done yoga, karate, camped for two days, listened to a live band, went toobing down San Luis Rey River, went running, picked organic strawberries and squash, sang songs, went to Borona Cultural Center, Pala Health Center and cultural center, played basketball, skateboarded, examined rocks at La Jolla Cove, visited SDSU and UCSD had classes on hip hop, tradional songs, geology, literature, history and much more.

The experience so far has been exhaustive.  We get up everyday at 5:30am and go to “sleep” at 10pm. (we probably fall asleep about midnite).

Tomorrow we are going to a Pow Wow at Pachanga.

check out the YouTube videos, here is one sample for you:



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