Shark is Free!! A Thank You From His Family

25 06 2009
Shark is Free!

Update June 24th 2009

Out on Bail of 2500.$

Release Conditions, also next appearance in Kamloops court is set for September 9th 9:30 am fro pre sentence  report.

Condition 1 : You shall keep the peace and be on good behavior.

Condition 2: You shall report on person to a bail supervisor at # 102-455 Columbia Street, Kamloops, BC as soon as you are released from custody and after that you shall report as and directed by the bail .

Condition 3: When first reporting to the bail supervisor, you shall inform him/her of your present residential address and telephone number and you shall not change your address or telephone number at anytime with out first providing written notice to the bail supervisor.

Condition 4: You are prohibited from entering within a 10 km radius of the Administrative Offices of the Sun Peaks Resort at Sun Peak’s, BC

Condition 5: You are prohibited from the wearing camouflage clothing or gear when involved in protest activities.

Condition 6: You are prohibited from masking your face at anytime while you are involved in protest.

Note the protest conditions for identification of protesters watch out for the Media they could have hours of video footage to be used in court.

Kukstem From Secwepmeculcw Shark and Miranda and little warriors.



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