Native Youth in Canada Arrested for Protecting Sacred Land

25 06 2009

June 23, 2009
For Immediate Release


This is a personal message to the World.  My name is Kanahus Paltki (Pellkey).  I am a Secwepemc & Ktnuxa woman and mother of three freedom babies and Warriors.  I am writing to anyone that will listen.  My family and community here in the Secwepemc Nation have been forced into federally controlled Indian Reservations, we call these “concentration camps“.  The barbed wire fences are invisible and phsycological warfare by the enemy of KKKanada has forced our people in these prisons using their military and police to create fear in my Peoples to even leave.  Our Territory is large, the size of what the invaders call present-day Florida.  We have never or ever will surrender or treaty our lands with any invader government.  Our lands and Territory are being destroyed and contaminated by every industry immaginable.  As a way to get organized and fight back, the Secwepemc youth in our community formed the Secwepemc Native Youth Movement (NYM). In May of 2001, we called on NYM from other Indigneous Nations, to come and help us to take action against the invader governments of british columbia and KKKanada.  We took over the government offices of the British Columbia Assets and Lands Corporation (now Land and Water BC Inc.) to demand the governments stop the theft of our land, by selling and leasing lands to investors worldwide, in particular at Skwelkwek’welt (where Sun Peaks Resort Corporation, a japanese company, was devouring our lands, mountains and water).  Land that is Secwepemc land.  We took over the offices for 3 days and brought this message to an International level.  There were 16 of us that were arrested there, one of them was Shark, Joseph Romandia.  And he is the purpose of this message.

Shark continued to help us, the Secwepemc Peoples, fight for our land at Skwelkwek’welt, the mountains behind the current-day concentration camp.  This area is our moose hunting grounds, where we collect our medicines when we are sick, where the women pick berries and harvest wild greens, this area is Sacred to our Peoples and sustained our Peoples forever.  Sun Peaks continues to expand its all-season resort and mega real estate projects into untouched traditional food harvesting areas and changing the landscape forever.  In the summer of 2001, the Elders requested the youth to build a Cultural Teaching Center for the community on the top of the next mountain plotted for ski runs, this mountain was known to our Peoples as “Moose Medows” an important hunting area.  A traditional underground pithouse was under constuction, when the governments and Sun Peaks destroyed the only road to the site, by digging massive trenches, 20 feet deep and 10 feet wide, with massive 5 feet bolders across the road, in order to cut off access to our Elders and community to the site.  In response to this we decided to take action and block access to their road.  We blocked the main road into Sun Peaks Resort the next day to bring attention to what we have to go through to just live on our Lands, out of the concentration camp and back onto our Territory.  That the governments of bc and KKKanada will colaborate with industry, and go by any means to force the Natives off our own land and back to the concentration camp.  But it’s not that easy.  So they charged us all.  I escaped their clutches for one year and a half until they captured me and my 3-month old baby. They denied me bail…and I was sitting in a KKKanadian prison cell, for fighting for our Land and Freedom.  There were other Secwepemc youth and Indigenous youth from other Nations that were captured by KKKanada for their involvement in the blockade of the Sun Peaks Resort.

My mother, twin sister, cousins and comrades were also captured and most served real jail time in a KKKanadian prison.  Now almost 8 years from the day of the Sun Peaks roadblock, they captured the last Skwelkwek’welt defender, Shark.  He was captured on May 21, 2009 and he is now being held without bail in a prison cell in Kamloops, british columbia, KKKanada.

Shark is my family.  He is married to my cousin and is the father of her 5 children.  He is a part of our family, community and Nation.  He sacrificed his time and Freedom to come and help our People fight for our land.  This message is so that World will know that we are still fighting, that KKKanada is also an occupying and invading government that violates every Human and Indigenous right there is.  We are Freedom Fighters, We are Warriors, We are Women, We are Children, We are Elders, We are the Indigenous Peoples of the Land, We are Hunters, We are Healers, We are the Survivers and we will continue to fight against KKKanada and their oppressive occupation and destruction of our Lands and Territories.

We need support and those that can take this message and make it yours, to spread this message around the World thirteen times.  To let this message travel with the winds, in your prayers.

Shark’s next court date is Wednesday, June 24th, 2009 at the Kamloops court house.  Come and stand with his family.  For those that can’t physically make it, show your support by writing Shark. (he has since been released)

Any donations for the legal defense, please contact us at: resistance515@hotmail

NYM Communications




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