Vision Quest y Musica Para La Alma

21 06 2009

On Thursday I drove GG (my ’69 VW Bus) about 50 miles out of San Diego to go support a brother that decided to do a Vision Quest.  I was only going to stay Thursday and Friday, but realized that he was gonna come down off the hill on Saturday and decided to stay an extra day to receive him.

I was able to learn a lot about the ceremony which will help me in the future to decide if I will ever participate in the ceremony, but in the end the decision is not really mine.

Taking care of the fire allowed me to focus and look within to know more about my life.  Even though I was supporting it did bring me closer to knowledge given to us by the Creator.  It was nice to be alone in the mountains looking at the stars and the fire.

When I returned I was blessed with more gifts, when I went to support Quinazo and the release of his new CD, La Ofrendra.  The show opened with Son Sin Fronteras and then led into Los Alacranes.  Quinazo closed the show with songs from a few of his albums including the new album.  I picked up a copy of the new album and would have purchased the other albums available, but the funds were low.  My personal favorites on the new album are Linda Chicana, Lamento de Cuahtemoc, Intifada Guadalupana and of course Un Puno de Tierra.

Crol was also in the house doing a dope live painting of Quino.  Hopefully I can get some pictures from the show.  The original artwork from the album cover was also present along with the artist Mario Chacon.

Keep a look out for Quino and check out the new album…!!



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22 06 2009

Interesting article. That is appreciated.

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