National Popol Vuh day in Guatemala May 31

7 06 2009

Guatemala, may 31 (Prensa Latina) National Popol Vuh day, marking the sacred book of the Mayas in Guatemala, is celebrated today with different cultural activities in the museum bearing the same name in this capital. One is a workshop on the myths and legends of this ancestral text, in which children between the ages of 8 and 13 will tour Guatemalan Legends in this facility of the Francisco Marroquin University. There they will listen to stories from the book and mold the clay to obtain pieces resembling the style of the prehistoric era. The Popol Vuh gives a particular explanation about the origin of the world and of men in that time, besides telling the story of all kings. It is essentially a description about all traditions of those peoples, in a combination of religion, mythology, history, customs and legends, although some Christian ideas were added later on. Popo lis a Maya Word meaning reunion, community, common house, board, while Vuh is book, paper, tree from whose bark came the latter. When describing the origin of man which, after several failures, was made from cor, the basic product of their diet. A second part deals about the adventures of young semigods Hunapu and Ixbalanque, which concludes with the punishment of the evil ones. The third and last section is a detailed story about the roots of indigenous peoples of Guatemala, their migrations, distribution in the territory, wars and predominance of the Quiche race above the others until the Spanish conquest. The Popol Vuh originally was painting, memory and word conserved in that form of oral tradition until the middle of the 16th Century, when an indigenous wrote it in quiche language but with latin characters.

Article originally published in Prensa Latina, here is link to that article.



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