Two Continents Unite

1 06 2009

On Saturday, May 30 I was able to bear witness to a wonderful gathering of two groups of students.  The first were from the Earth Center coming to celebrate the graduation of the next generation of graduates who completed their initiation.  The second group were from a Chicano Studies course also finishing off their semester in a good way.

It was amazing to witness all of the students from the Earth Center taking part in a native tradition here on Kumeyaay land.  It was the first time entering the sacred temezcal for many of these students who are studying the Kemetic Culture.  Many may be familiar with this by it’s other name Egypt in Northern Africa.  This special day brought the indigenous people from Kemet closer to us here.

The second group of students were a diverse bunch studing the ancient knowledge of our ancestors from America or Anahuac.  Many of the students were also here for the first time and were able to build a stronger connection to the land here of the Kumeyaay.  Many enjoyed the ceremony and look forward to returning.

I received a lot of blessings by participating in this historic connection of two continents and look forward to continuing my relatioship with the Earth Center and Chicano Studies.

coming together

coming together



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4 06 2009
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