Indigenous Struggle in Palestine..!!

28 05 2009

It’s been awhile since my last post, I’ve been working on keeping my head above water.  This last weekend I attended a conference on Palestine.  Hosted by Al-Awda (until return).  The focus of this conference was to discuss the current situation in Palestine and how they are addressing this human rights issue here in the U.S.

Historic Palestine

Historic Palestine

The Palestinian people are descendants of the original people from this region.  In other words they are an indigenous population.  Currently and for the past approximately 60 years they have been intensely fighting to maintain their homeland.  They have been facing extreme political and military pressure from the Israeli government to leave the area.

Thousands of Palestinian people are currently living as refugees in surrounding countries including the U.S.  It is really a challenging issue to deal with in the U.S.  If Americans Knew the truth concerning the situation much more people would be outraged.

I really began my journey concerning this issue about eight years ago when I first moved to the SF Bay Area.  I really knew nothing about this issue prior to this.  My impression of this topic was that it was just two ethnic or religious groups that have been fighting for centuries and nothing was ever going to change.

This could be the furthest from the truth.  I attended a presentation by  UC Berkeley professor Dr. Hatem Bazian at the Islamic Center in San Diego I learned that Jews and Muslims have not always been at odds with each other in the region.  The conflict really started when Zionist began to instigate a conflict and promote the occupation of Palestinian land.

Today the people need our support as indigenous people fighting to stay in their traditional territory.  The story really rings true in it’s relation to native people of this hemisphere.  Many of our ancestors and those of our relatives faced systematic extermination and relocation here in the U.S.  This is well documented by many scholars and other first hand sources.

Please take the time to learn more about this issue.  Solidarity among oppressed nations really builds strength for all of us.  Also see a current campaign by British Member of Parliment, George Galloway called VIVA PALESTINA.



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