Sweat Lodge at Manzanita

18 05 2009

This was an intense ceremony.

This weekend was special for many reasons, but mainly because I was blessed to have been to two positive healing events this weekend.

The first was the Traditional Healing Gathering at Pala Rez (see my comment on posting).  Then on Sunday a few of us got together and headed out about 65 miles east to Manzanita reservation.

A call was put out to hold a sweat lodge and we did.  Many people showed up, including some for their first time.  It was very powerful seeing so many new faces and everyone having such positive energy.  We had two lodges, one for women and one for men.  Both of them were packed and we had to take turns with the men to fit everyone.

I struggled in the end and had a hard time afterwards.  This was for many reasons, but could have been because I didn’t drink enough water previously and hadn’t gotten enough sleep.

All in all it was a beautiful ceremony and weekend.  To all of those that came, thank you for bringing your energy.  I look forward to see you all again real soon.



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19 05 2009
Stop Sweat

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19 05 2009

Thank you

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