The Gathering at Cahuilla

5 05 2009

There are so many wonderful things I could say about this gathering.  It was a powerful weekend that many people benefited from.  There were at least 100 people that attended.  It was so great to see so many faces from this past Journey and to meet new people.

We had Danza Azteca from Anaheim and many other danzantes joined in from other regions as well.  It may have been the first time that this had ever taken place in Cahuilla.  It felt so good seeing this take place.  We were also honored to hear the Bird Singers. I will try to post pictures when I get some from people.

The sweatlodge took place on two days and for some it was their first time in the Temescal.  We shared food and songs together.  We listened to the elders in the council.  We were blessed to have Anni Hamilton (Cahuilla) Gustavo Gutierrez (Arizona) and Coyote (Round Valley, Norcal).  They shared their wisdoom and advise.

The fire was lit and stayed on the entire time of the ceremony.  It gave us our focus and was a healing for the land and the people.  The Cahuilla were very happy and thankful for the people that attended and blessed the land with their energy.  We were also very thankful for have been able to have the Peace and Dignity Journeys Gathering on their land.

The conclusion was a spiritual run that took place on Sunday morning to unite the two reservations and the people.  It was also to heal the people and the land that has suffered due to colonization.  We were bringing back the ways and health of our people.

Again, thank all of those that attended and I would love to see comments from those that attended.



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