A Return to the Maya, as seen through the 3rd Eye

31 03 2009

A Return to Maya: As Seen Through the 3rd Eye

with Grandmaster Le-Tian Da Shi and Grandmaster Tian Yin

April 23 7:30-9:30pm

$5-$15 donation

The Mayan culture came to Earth without a sound and disappeared without a trace – only unanswered questions remain. It will therefore require more than just classic archeology to lift the veil over this mysterious culture.

The masters of the Tian Gong school of Qi Gong traveled in person to the sites the Mayan ruins. With specialized spiritual techniques they contacted the high and ancient souls of those who had once established the radiant Mayan culture. Using “Celestial” Vision, “Celestial” Hearing and the ability to receive thoughts and information through all space and time, they received direct instruction from the “Cosmic University” of the Mayans. Through this experience, they came to see the Mayan culture with completely new eyes.



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