Mexica New Year, Los Angeles

25 03 2009

It was another journey back to Cali.  I took a 15 hour Greyhound Bus ride back from Arizona.  I actually borded the bus in Gallup, New Mexico, just because that was the it was more convenient.

I traveled all night and slept most of the way.  If you have ever take the Greyhound you know how lame it can be.  I was so uncomfortable for my ride, but was so tired I slept through most of it.

I arrived in L.A. in time to make it to the Anti-War demonstration organized by A.N.S.W.E.R. LA.  It was a good demonstration and it felt good to express my self in the heart of Hollywood as tourist stood on the sidewalk staring.

After the demo. I jumped back on the Metro and headed over to Self-Help Graphics on Cesar Chavez Ave.  There were plenty of people there and at least 100 danzantes.  It was good seeing the Mexicas holding it down.  I also ran into a few of the homies from San Jose Calpulli Tonaleque and other folks from around Cali.

Mexicas on the move

Mexicas on the move

After eating some delicious nopal salad and hanging out I got a ride with some friends to check out the another event on Olympic Blvd.  It was a free show outdoors in a restaurant parking lot.  We stayed til about 2am then I finally got to sleep for a few hours at a old friends house in Highland Park.

The next morning I was at it again on the Greyhound Bus back to San Diego to make it for our Teatro Izcalli rehersal.



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