Young Men’s Retreat

7 03 2009

I just returned home from an exhausting retreat with a group of about 16 young men from a local area high school.

We arrived early Friday morning to begin preparing for the youth when they arrived later on the school bus.  A few men including myself were in charge of the food and the activities planned for the two days.

It was a lot of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual work.  Today we took the youth into the sacred Temezcal or sweatlodge to pass on the knowledge of our ancestors.

These young men had A LOT of questions.  We even decided to give one of them the nickname Questions, because he had so many of them.  Overall it was great spending time with these youth and I hope they learned something over these last two days.  It was a lot of hard work and all of the staff and volunteers must me exhausted.

I also learned things from them and look forward to seeing them in the future and hope the stay connected to the Circulo de Hombres.

We work hard to pass on the knowledge and wisdom of our ancestors.  Even I was reminded of the day I was born on the ancient Tonalamatl.  In the year 10 Reed in the 17th week of 1 Water on the day 5 Reed.  My connection is strongest with Tezcatlipoca.  Something I have known for many years and look forward to learning more about.



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27 03 2011
Luís Gonçalves

Hello Abel,

I was googleing around several pages, looking for something about “10 Reed” and Tezcatlipoca and found your blog. And I found something interesting about you, because you wrote it. It’s just a curiosity about your aztec date of birth, nothing more.

You see, your WHOLE aztec date of birth is intimately connected to Tezcatlipoca, and this is because there are several associations the Aztecs made between their gods and their calendar. Each year had several ruling deities, and the same happened with the ‘trecenas’ (13-day weeks) and the days. In your case we have the following:

A) Your year (10 Reed):

– The ruler of the “Reed” glyph is Tezcatlipoca-Ixquimilli (blind-folded Tezcatlipoca);
– The rulers of the 13-day “week” containing the sign 10-Reed, which is 1-Lizard, are Itztlacoliuhqui (blind-folded god of frost, ice, stone and punishment) and Tezcatlipoca himself;
– The ruler of number 10 is – guess what? – Tezcatlipoca again.

(Please note that these are the real associations the Aztecs made for this date. I’m an autodidact student of the mesoamerican calendar and the aztec codices and I wouldn’t mind, at all, to give you more details about this in further correspondences.)

Your trecena (1-Water) is ruled by Chalchihuitotolin (“jade turkey” in Nahuatl) which is considered to be one form or nawal of Tezcatlipoca. He was the god of mystery, sorcery, sin and, paradoxically, purification.

Your day 5-Reed also has some “Tezcatlipoca” in it, since the ruler of the “Reed” glyph is, as shown before, Tezcatlipoca.

So… this is it! Thought you would appreciate these details 😉

Warm regards,
Luís Gonçalves, from Portugal

19 05 2011

Awesome, Luis, yes I would love to learn more about the Mexica calendar and how you choose to interpret it.

25 03 2012
Mixcoatl Ce Tecpatl

My own day-sign is 1 Flint (Ce Tecpatl), associated with Huitzilopochtli, Tezcatlipoca and Mixcoatl. In the mayan tradition, both days Jun Tijax (1 Flint) and B’elej’ Toj (9 Offering) are connected to the god of fire and the obsidian knife, Tojil. In classical times, he was called Tahil, K’awil, and Bolon Dzacab, and is commonly known among modern mayanists as “God K” and “GII”. Cheers! 🙂

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