Work ahead of us on the rez.

1 03 2009

It was a great honor to visit the relatives on Friday evening at Coahuilla reservation.  We arrived late due to some unforeseen circumstances, but we made it.  First we had dinner, with all of the wonderful food that everyone brought out.  There was a good group of people there and the room was packed.  After eating we watched the two videos that Oscar and I made.

After watching the videos we had a chance to dialog and we heard some great input from the people there.  I got to see some people that ran with us all the way to Pala Rez.  There were some people from Santa Rosa there also and they participated as well.

We even had some runners who came down from Anaheim.  At the end we offered some prayers and exchanged some gifts.  We also discussed having a run there this summer, I look forward to that.

Thanks to everyone who helped out and brought their beautiful energy.  I don’t remember everyones name, but here are a few:

Veronica, Vivian, Eve, Thomas, Ricardo, Rueben, Joe, Silvia, Nauhacalli, Otli the elder who offered a prayer and so many more.  Can’t wait to go back…!!!

To all my relations.!



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