Calpulli Chicahuac Ollin Tijuana

25 02 2009

Tonight, Oscar, Emoat, and myself attended a danza Mexica ensayo en Tijuana, Mexico.  It was a great evening, filled with lots of positive energy, great danza and good people.  We even got to see a good friend Chango, who ran with us from Nogales to Panama.

It was great seeing Chango again and sharing so much positive energy with los companeros from Tijuana.  Their danza group and calpulli is great and it was an awesome way to spend a Tuesday evening.  If anyone is interested they have their ensayos every Tuesday and Thursday at a small park at the end of Revolucion.  I also have a contact who goes down every week.

They will also be celebrating there Cuahtemoc ceremony this weekend if anyone is interested.

Here is their Myspace page:

Flyer for this weekend Cuahtemoc Ceremonia hosted by Chicahuac


click image to go to their myspace

click image to go to their myspace



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