Sweat Lodge Ceremony

7 02 2009

Last night I had the opportunity to participate in a sweatlodge ceremony.  It was an agreement we had between the P&D core runners.  We decided about 2 months ago that we would all get together and have a sweatlodge for just us.  To give us an opportunity to come together in ceremony as brothers and sisters back heree at our home town of San Diego.  We asked someone we knew to run the lodge for us and he agreed.

So last night we all drove in my old VW bus up to one of the local reservations and took part in the ceremony.  The rain actually stopped while we were in the lodge or inipi.  It was a beautiful ceremony, there were some bears in there with us and they sang some beautiful bear songs.

I really enjoyed the evening and it was great being in ceremony with other native people on a Friday night.  I know I could have been out drinking, but I’ve made a pledge not to drink ever since I left for the run in April of 2008.  The ceremony helps me to stay focused and to get my spirit back.

It felt good and I look forward to returning.  They have lodges there every Saturday, so if any of you are interested and live in the San Diego area, let me know and we can head up there.

one love.



3 responses

9 08 2009
Katie & Jay McNeal

We live here and San Diego, we’ve been doing ceremony almost 9 years, still go to Las Vegas to pray. We had a sweat lodge at our property here in Escondido 2 yrs. ago. We will like to connect here in San Diego and do lodge, if you can share some information with us it would be appreciated. It would feed our spirits to do ceremony, and find a lodge family here at home.

O’mitakuye Oyasin

10 08 2009

Thank you for your interest. Yes I will let you know of any sweat lodge ceremonies I know of.

26 09 2009

I would love to participate in a sweat lodge. I have missed this in my life since moving here. Any information about lodges in San Diego area would be appreciated.

Smiles to you,


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