Purepecha New Year

24 01 2009

Just thought I would pass on this information to support the Purepecha Nation. Many native people from the state of Michoacan have migrated to places in the United States, thousands of miles from home. In an effort to maintain their culture, pride and spirits alive they are hold events like these. The Peace and Dignity Journeys was honored to have received their support and even a visit from them while we were in Washington.

We were lucky to have a runner from Washington join us on the journey who is from Michoacan and who descends from the Purepecha Nation.

Washington, U.S.

Washington, U.S.

Below is a description of the event in English…

By Gabi Erandi

As the flyer says, it’s happening on the 1st of Feb. in Auburn. It’s set to start at 7AM with a purification/sunrise ceremony to the directions…and will go past midnight with a traditional sacred ballgame and the lighting of the new fire.

Chijpiri Jimbani Celebration, The Lighting of the New Fire, P’urhepecha New Year

This is a celebration during which P’urhepechas re-evaluate our cultural identity, reencounter our ancestral rituals, as well as recuperate our cultural, social, educational and artistic values.

The ceremony is related to the Winter solstice, having as a principal antecedent the ancient celebration of the New Fire, in honor of Kurikuaerhi, Kurhikua K’erhi (earthly representation of Tata Jurhiata-Grandfather Sun).

The celebration is fundamentally based on our ancestors’ teachings and on the wisdom transmitted through the oral tradition regarding the universe, at the moment when Orion finds itself in cenit; it is also based on the agricultural/natural change of our region, with both elements as a base for the historical memory of our origin and with the spiritual presence of the four sacred elements and givers of life. This contemporary reencounter began the first of February, 1983 amongst the P’urhepecha people.

With the wisdom of our ancestors as a basis, we make a call to our P’urhepecha community, as well as others who sympathize or identify with the roots of native peoples, to join us in living this great celebration. We also convoke those brothers and sisters who wish to share their dances, music, and art—please contact our coordinators (flyer attached with more information).

Through this medium, I invite everyone who has the possibility and resources to join our brothers and sisters in Chilchota Michoacán México, locale of the principal celebration of the lighting of the New Fire, 2009.

Orgullo P’urhepecha, Socio-Cultural Indigenous Organization in Washington State.


www. orgullopurhepecha. org

(253) 347 4229



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